New Building Above Petworth Metro – Stadium Like?


A cab driver was taking me home the other night and said, “oh you live near the new stadium”. I was like what? He was talking about the top of the building that we’d discussed in the past. I never thought of it as stadium like before. But I guess I could see it a bit. What do you think – stadium like?

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  • These are clotheslines for residents – complying with new green building guidelines.

  • Yes, very stadium like

  • Hmm, I never thought of that, but I can see it. I’m excited about the now leasing signs though 🙂

  • The way the building curves as it hits the intersection, combined with the rooftop stuff, gives it a real Ebbets Field vibe.

  • The royal crown of bad architects.

  • it would be fully awesome if I could just walk those few blocks to catch a United match…

  • Anyone been on a tour of the interior or know what the rents will be?

  • haha, I’ve never thought so before, but that photo certainly seems stadiumlike.

    The building (as seen from the street) would be 100% better without that shade structure. 50% better if they would have set it back another 10′ from the edge.

  • Is this building also going to have the income/rental controls?

    If so, then Im sad. I need a new apartment. The nice new ones (like the N street village) claim I make too much money.

  • @ Anon 10:56 – word to that.
    What is up with all the tiaras on buildings in the last few years?
    On DCUSA, on 13th & N, at K & Vermont, and I’m just getting started.
    Make it stop. not-so-pretty please.

  • From their web site:
    Modern lobby with walls that change color and surround-sound speaker system.

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