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Dang, I can’t remember what street this is but you can see a Truxton Circle Banner…

So I’m wondering what folks think of the combination of red brick with the tan stone. Thumbs up or down?

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  • I like the combination. I am a huge fan of brick, it gives a timeless element to the building.

  • It’s the NE corner of N Street NW and First Street NW – diagonal from the New York Avenue Playground

  • boring.

  • I am just so opposed to so much of the new construction out there. It’s all just so boxy and boring and I think that’s really exemplified when you have next to a great old row house…at least this one is brick (as the first poster mentioned). Still, so cold and boring and just blah…

  • Sooo this is a bangin a$$ property the interior is like that 3 bd 2 level condos. Fireplace wood floors…the usual combo… I like the brick and i like the inside. i think they are renting now. the asking price when i lived around the corner was like 650K

  • Up. Not way up but up. In particular since they did not try to copy the old houses next to them and make it look like Disney World.

  • I like it, but it needs better landscaping and maybe some flower boxes beneath the windows.

  • I hate to be all conventional, but doesn’t it need something — like shutters? Or something? It’s so bland and boxy.

  • Thumbs marginally up. A bit of architectural trim would be a vast improvement. Something around the top, maybe something around the windows. The three smaller windows on the top floor seem a bit odd.

    But at least they made some effort with the different brick. And it has something of a yard, although its not going to win a garden-of-the-year award.

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