Capturing City Signs


At first glance this sign may look rather ordinary. But I’ve noticed that there are many take out Chinese places like this named “Danny’s”. So I’m wondering if “Dandy’s” was a typo. Either way it’s real dandy…

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  • That place is the best when on the way home from the bars on U Street and need some fried dumplings or jalepeno munchers.

  • Good Danny’s on H Street has the sweet 3 am delivery

  • Good Danny’s on H Street has the sweet 3 am delivery

  • Uhh, the quality of the “Sweet City Signs” is dropping rapidly. Carry-out possible-typo awnings?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I agree this isn’t the greatest sign but dandy really made me laugh. Prolly because it reminded me of Chris Elliot in the underrated classic film – Cabin Boy.

  • My favorite carry out sign is the Full Yum on North Capital and Florida (or thereabouts). I just imagine some Chinese guys sitting around saying “we need something that says ‘very good’ in English”. After some haggling and much broken English they got to Full Yum.

  • I am addicted to the wonton soup. So cheap and juicy. Whether or not it was a typo, they definitely call it Dandy’s when they pick up the phone. The owners are really nice people.

  • Good Danny’s on H is alright. But the cool kids go to “Evil” Dannys across from Granville Moore’s. Their wings and mambo sauce are much tastier than Good Dannys.

  • I’ve always though “O’Tastys” on Columbia was a pretty funny name – sortof an Irish twist on Chinese takeout.

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