“Running Gun Battle” To Round Out The Day

From a reader at 5:55pm:

“you should let your readers know there was just a running gunbattle after a wreck at 2nd and Ingraham just now.  looks like one car of thugs was chasing an SUV of thugs, the SUV struck several cars, hit a car crossing 2nd, flipped over, occupants of both cars bailed, and began a running gunbattle as they ran east on Ingraham and down the alley toward Hamilton.”

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  • I wonder what Phil Mendelson’s response to this will be? And where is Bowser when all this shit is going down in Petworth?

  • what a horrible horrible story. I hope that no innocent bystanders were hurt, or more likely, that people’s homes were damaged. The idea that someone is dead inside their home of an errant gunshot frightens me every time I read about these stories.

    It’s time we marched through Petworth. It’s time we all got together and marched.

  • To hell with marching. Its time we arm ourselves and start cutting these animals into small slices in our basements and wearing their ears as necklaces. I for one am all for the current rider on the DC vote bill that allows us to carry guns. This is what the DC gun law is in reality: running gunbattles in the streets by people who simply ignore the law.

    Bowser never frequents the 2nd and Ingraham area, she lives elsewhere and drives downtown daily. Her view of the city does not include these areas, nor does the view of any other council member or the mayor. They are the governing elite, and we are the oppressed. Be thankful that, at least technically, you can move elsewhere.

    One day the city leader will bemoan a new era of flight from DC and question why, and question our commitment to the city. Remember this if you ever need a response.

  • Makes you wish they had a designated arena where these guys could just show up and fight each other to the death if they want. Bring back the days of the gladiators. Violent crime offenders, illegal weapons users, rapists, welcome to the jungle baby! Just put them in it, let them go at it and then toss in mass grave or whatever.

    I suggest somewhere in Maryland…

  • Maybe the old convention center site could be turned into a Thunderdome.

  • Kalia, some of PG is already halfway there…

  • agree with pennywise and kalia…glad to see more people against this type of bullshit that arent touting sollutions like more community centers. not that a thunderdome or gladiator ring is a real solution, but it does ease a little of the stress of the situation to think about 🙂

    also, hell yes to carrying guns… thugs might think twice about mugging/raping/killing you if one of their boys had gotten his balls blown off by a seemingly easy target the week before…

  • Hell yes to D.C. Thunderdome! This is absolute genius. Also a great way to raise tax revenues. If these guys are gonna gun each other down anyway, why not have the city make some easy coin off it?

    At least these dudes should be easy to catch … given that they ditched their vehicles. Of course, once arrested they will undoubtedly be back on the streets in a few weeks. I am for strict gun control laws if breaking those laws has serious repercusssions. as they stand now, the laws don’t keep gun-users off the streets and jail, and they certainly deter only law-abiding citizens. Either let people carry or lock those who do carry up for a long time. The mushy middle ground does no one any favors.

  • “At least these dudes should be easy to catch … given that they ditched their vehicles.”

    Very good chance the both vehicles were stolen.

  • Kalia, they used to have that on Southern Avenue. When I first moved to DC, they would set a big boxing ring out on Southern Avenue in the parking lot of a beaten down shopping mall and have fights out there. Just let them beat each other to a pulp…

  • Anyone want to even take a stab at what could make someone so angry to shoot at another human being in the public? Endangering everyone. Most places I go unarmed. Why do these people feel the need to be armed?

  • I think it’s kinda sad that when something like this the first reaction is “where is my councilperson???” What the hell are they going to do? Do they have special CSI training? Do they have special DC Council Psychic abilities? NO. They will stand around and say something like “this is unacceptable” to whatever reporter the examiner (the post doesn’t care) sends to the scene. Phew, glad they don’t “accept it,” maybe that will make it not happen next time.

  • Nate: where do you go armed?

  • Maybe Nate visits one of the 39 states that allow anyone with firearms training and a clean criminal background to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

  • I too am in favor of experimenting with conceal and carry or open carry in the city. I think many people have a visceral response to any talk of guns as legitimate self-defense tools that they fail to recognize the hopelessness of the alternative (or in our case, the status quo).

  • Why do they do it? Simple, its just a device, its fun entertainment and excitement in an otherwise pointless existence. You get an adrenaline rush, you get to rob the dead, and you likely get laid after as you get to brag and show your bling. Killing is at the center of many of our neighbors social and economic lives. And then some DC gov’t official makes a speech about how these poor children need help. Frankly it must be hilarious from their point of view….

  • And has anyone seen a news article on this event anywhere? Its interesting how living in one of the most illiterate zip codes in the country means lousy news coverage, which then possibly increases crime on its own as no one really knows what’s going on. Or, does it make us more paranoid and thus more likely to overblow crime?

  • I sent an email of complaint to the Post this morning. it’s outrageous that nothing has been publicized in any of the DC news outlets–newspapers, TV, radio–about this. i wonder if the “downsizing” of the Post staff, as well as local TV news staff, is to blame for this absence.

  • the reason the Post (and other outlets) don’t cover it is that virtually none of their readership lives in our cruddy aeeas of dc. We are roughly one of the most illiterate zip codes in the country. So, they get the esteemed Washington name and focus on the burbs. I believe their top web story right nowi is about an assault on an officer in silver spring, complete with perp photo. When have we ever seen such coverage of our local crimes?

  • It is infuriating that the Post refuses to cover it (and that television news isn’t a reasonable alternative — they don’t cover any news, and their anchors can’t speak). Media coverage would force the “leadership” to fix this problem, and fast.

    Bombard CNN (hell, try Fox News) with stories like this. They like a good scoop.

  • I actually corresponded with the Post Ombudsman a few years ago after an incident where two 16-year olds were killed in ghetto DC and the front page of the Metro section the next day was about a Virginia little league game. I asked why crime reporting was so poor or non-existent. The ombudsman asked me to compile a list of significant crimes that went unreported in the Post. I did this for two weeks (four murders, multiple assaults, etc) and sent it in. The Ombudsman then told me that the Post usually waits for complete information before reporting on crimes, and that complete info was difficult to get from MPD. I responded by asking since when has complete info been a prerequisite for reporting? The dialogue went downhill from there and obviously no improvements were made. I guess the good news is that Post earnings are down 77% or something this year, so maybe they’ll be bought by the Moonies soon and focus on rapture stories. But the bottom line is that statistically our area of DC is very illiterate and poor, with relatively less purchasing power and thus less attraction to advertising-driven papers. Also, do you think any Post reporters or editors live in our ghettos? No, they live in the burbs, I’d say. Its only us naive folks who choose to live in ghetto DC, along with our utterly ignorant and helpless neighbors who get to benefit from our welfare system. Lucky them, stupid us.

  • I have to disagree a bit about tv news*. It is not perfect by any means, but they do a better job of publicizing this sort of thing than the alternatives. Is it a case of “best of the worst?” Maybe. But, I do know that I watch local news daily and always have a better idea of what is going on locally than people who don’t include the local news in their daily news-gathering repertoires (especially the ones that rely on the Post for such things.)

    On the Silver Spring issue – there are something like 250,000 people who live in Silver Spring, which is not an insubstantial number. The Post is their local paper too, for better or worse, and that story is definitely newsworthy.

    *full disclosure – I am a local news junkie. I watch it all the time here, and everywhere I travel. It’s a mixture of pure entertainment and some insight into what types of issues matter to a particular region. Is it very often fluffy at best? Yes. Is it always entertaining. Yes. I just think it lends it’s own unique insight into a place. And here in DC, it’s more “local” than our esteemed “local” paper will ever be.

  • What exactly do you want the councilmembers to do? The laws are in place to deal with these gun-totin’ thugs who like to shoot at each other. They get arrested, they get charged, they go to trial and the great citizens of D.C. look for reasons to acquit.

  • Just a thought – but would folks complain if there was lots of coverage of violent crime in the area, with the fear that it could cause property values to decline?

  • Anon 3pm, I don’t think juries acquit that much. If they do its the prosecutors fault in the jury selection process. Having been part of that fairly often, I can testify that it excludes thuggish types and juries seem to be made up of fairly normal (ie hating crime) folks. Also note that prison time automatically excludes you from jury duty, which very much skews the DC jury pool to the relatively small number of us who’ve never served time. As to what I want the CM to do, honestly I don’t know. Since we have no real stats (plenty of anecdotes) on issues its tough to identify where the problems are. I do believe its a systemic problem and thus its the CM’s ballywick. At the least, we must punish him for the problem as we have no other choice. (question: did you mean to post your question to the Mendelson thread?)

    To ontarioroader, if the coverage was salacious and ‘cops’ style I would protest. If it was basic and realistic coverage I would not. I am not sure it would affect property values, who doesn’t know our part of DC is a violent ghetto? Some buyers are ignorant, but most do their research.

  • WHy shoot? Why not take the person to court or just forget about it? I have never been in a position where I felt the need to kill someone. Why do these young men put themselves in these positions and why are these positions so frequent? The average person goes through life without having to pull a gun on someone.

    Why are mostly black males in DC the only ones feeling the need to pull guns and shoot people?

  • Nate: it is fun for them.

  • saf

    “who doesn’t know our part of DC is a violent ghetto”

    Me. I don’t know that.

    Yes, I’ve lived here for 19 years, and several years in Mount Pleasant, Shaw, and Adams Morgan before that, so no, you can’t really call me ignorant. Sometimes, bad shit happens. But it’s not “a violent ghetto.”

  • saf, I concede the point. It is not a violent ghetto compared to say, Mogadishu, but it is a very violent and lawless place compared to most parts of America. Sez me, and I admit I might be wrong. But think, were you to move to say, Reston, (or whereever), would you have no thoughts like: wow, people ain’t killing eachother over dollars and shoes daily here!! I have always been struck by the fact that long term residents, and lifelong residents, of DC consider constant crime to be “normal”. I’ve lived here 15 years and strive to remember that violence is not the norm. It is part of humanity of course, but need not be a given.

    Note one thing that always amazes me is that, with constant crime and killing, life does go on in DC. Just like in Mogadishu. Ain’t people amazing?

  • I’m Australian and married to an American who grew up in Northern VA. We are currently in Boston planning to move to DC because of her family (and the cold) in the the next few months. We have a six day old son and I would really like to live in DC as opposed to say Old Town Alexandria which just seems too dull and old money to me.

    I found this blog looking for more info on DC neighbourhoods. PoP’s pride in, and desire to improve his neighbourhood impressed me. The areas most heavily covered in this blog appealed to me for the beautiful old affordable rowhouses. I have lived in many cities around the world and particularly love many DC streets due to the castle-esque rowhouses. I am also partial to public transport.

    But I don’t know what to do. The idea of a gun battle during the day simply shocks me. Crime does not shock me, people are beaten up and mugged everywhere. But how could one ever feel safe when there are (as I learned this from this blog) frequent gunshots; and with children I couldn’t even imagine.

    Being on the outside looking in the idea that this is tolerable to even a single person is baffling. I find it unbelievable that people accept that people open fire in the streets because we should all accept it’s a “rough area.”

    In what other modern, first-world, industrialized nation do people routinely shoot one another?

  • I’m not sure anyone finds it “tolerable;” but there are things out of one’s control that you have to decide whether to flee or stand your ground. i think most of us on here plan to stand our ground.

    and don’t get the wrong idea. this isn’t “routine”, at least in my neck of the woods, where this incident occurred. nothing remotely like it has happened nearby since i have lived here, which is why most of my neighbors are absolutely shocked. generally, the worst thing that happens around my neighborhood is a couple of unattended 13 year old brats out way past their bedtimes driving the neighborhood dogs nuts when they race around the alley or across people’s lawns at 10 pm on a school night.

    i think the other thing we are all pissed off about is that the media and even the police are3 ignoring neighbors’ requests for some info about what happened. it appears that the cops were chasing a stolen car which careened into a line of parked cars on our quiet, narrow street before running a stop sign and slamming into a car in the middle of the intersection. but we don’t know–the cops and city officials are completely silent.

  • Looks like another shooting at 13th & Columbia according to a Columbia Heights listserv posting. Guess MPD didn’t have the light tower set up yet. Unbelievable.

  • Anon 6:53, DC is a complicated place, it literally changes block by block in some areas. If you have the money you can afford to live in nice-DC, which I would of course recommend as its, well, really nice. If you’re middle class or lower you need to take some care in choosing your home by doing your research and, ideally, hanging out at your prospective home for a day and night at least prior to purchase. I did a sort of stakeout on my house, sat in my car and walked around late at night prior to purchasing, and learned who lived on the block etc. I really do like my area, but my commute downtown for work and maneuvers around other parts of the city get stressful at times (in the crime sense). Unfortunately we just have a dysfunctional government, inadequate federal support / representation, esp. regarding crime, and hundreds of thousands of neighbors dedicated to criminality and living like animals, enabled by a massive welfare support complex. Other rules for home buying / renting I’d recommend are to avoid any DC public school, recreation center, or government building. The first two attract crowds of unsupervised teenagers who get to do whatever they want, and as a problematic teenager myself long ago I can tell you that’s never a good thing. DC government buildings in general are just bad neighbors. Also avoid houses with a bus stop out front as your yard becomes a trash bin and waiting area, and possible avoid Metro stops as well due to all the foot traffic. This last bit is certainly open to negotiation, some people prefer to live on the Metro for ease of access. But DC can be a good place to live, especially in the rich/nice areas, you just need to do your homework before you move in.

    And other cities where people openly kill each other in the streets include LA, Detroit, Chicago, Philly, Miami, New Orleans, St Louis, and probably others. Boston and New York are still pretty violent places as well, though drastically improved in recent years. One problem with such a free country is that people are indeed free to do whatever they want, and often choose to be drunk and disorderly, often while armed, during their pathetic lives. This is of course a much bigger discussion which can’t really be summarized effectively, especially by me!

  • according to Joe Martin over on the Petworth Yahoo group, DC are calling this incident a “car accident” and saying no gunshots occurred. given the number of neighbors who saw this, and the police response, that is incredible.

  • saf

    Anon, realize that the extremes get talked about a LOT more than the everyday. And realize that the paranoid are a lot louder than the rest of us.

  • Police say that the incident at 2nd and Ingraham was a car accident caused when three juveniles stole a teacher’s SUV, slammed into a row of parked cars and then flipped over after striking a moving car in the intersection. They also say that there were no guns involved.

    At least two of my neighbors who live in that block claim that when they went outside upon hearing the crash, they saw kids running up Ingraham shooting as they fled, so they went back into their houses until the police arrived. maybe they didn’t see what they think they saw; the lack of reliability of “eyewitnesses” is a well-studied phenomenon. what i did see within 5-10 minutes after the crash was three ambulances, a firetruck or two, a helicopter hovering over the block for about 20 minutes, and at least a dozen uniformed police officers running back and forth between Ingraham and Hamilton.

  • SIGH. I’d like to at least mention for the record that my little corner of Petworth has less crime than anywhere I’ve ever lived in DC (Dupont Circle, Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, and now Petworth).

  • We are new to the area of petworth. Very disturbed by some comments regarding crime here, But i suppose we bought our place knowing this was a transitional area. Neighbors – I have met and get a sense that the majority of people in our community of petworths are for the most part nice and decent folk wanting to live their lives in peace and comfort in this beautiful old neighborhood. I say beautiful on purpose here because it is beautiful. As for the crime, if there are so many of us who want to live here and continue to change petworth into a safer area as a whole to live than first of all don’t go along with immature comments talking about carrying around guns for protection because that will only perpetuate more crime, but instead start some sort of advanced neighborhood watch program and start learning who the ‘bad’ guys are and getting the local police more involved and get the assholes locked up and into reform programs!? And I might add that we non violent residents of petworth should remember that we outnumber the loosers who make up the few gang members/violence makers that does occurs here! Why can’t we step up without, stupid guns, and help the police rid this area of the few who disturb our peace!!!?

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