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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday.  Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rant: You can work everyday, do the right thing, and get laid off. No bailout. Just a little rebate of the unemployment taxes that you paid all along. Or you can buy up worthless assets, do all the wrong things, and when it all comes crashing down, the gov’t bails you out. How upside down is the thinking of normal everyday citizens?

  • I’m going dancing tonight!

  • Revel: I’m with GW2l! YAY MINI GOLF! YAY SKEEBALL!

  • i really can’t stand my job anymore, even though it is a great job and the economy is horrible. i don’t like going to the water cooler. I don’t like wearing a suit. I want to do something where i am interacting with other people who aren’t just looking for another powerpoint or spreadsheet.

    this isn’t the life. and yet… and yet… I have a mortgage. so I can’t just up and quit.

  • Random question–there is a building at the intersection of 3rd and H St. NW. It’s four or five stories tall, made out of concrete, and has no windows. It stands next to a big patch of empty ground. What is this building? What does it do? This has been bugging me to no end.

  • To Anon on K street –

    I feel your pain. I, too, was locked into a hated job for more than 2 years….and during those 2 years I very actively was searching….then FINALLY, back on Halloween day last year – in the middle of this great economy – I got a good offer and have moved on. But yet….I am still not completely happy, because I realized as I was desperately searching, that work is NOT my life, so while the job is much better, my life hasn’t changed too much. So I must make a separate effort, shift into gear, and try now to change my LIFE to match my new job happiness.

    As for the water cooler – Why not take a walk in Franklin Park if you’re close to there – stare at a squirrel. Much more entertaining than the bubbles in a bottle.


  • Anon on K – the best time to look for a job is when you have a job. Don’t quit, find something outside of work that brings you joy – volunteer, for instance if you crave more interaction with people, and on the weekends and nights, look for a job that will suit you better. Best of luck.

  • Dan, you mean that monolith with the Capital Building picture on one side? I think its just a local eyesore, graffiti spot, etc.

  • This is complete hearsay, but someone told me that building had something to do with Metrorail equipment or venting or something. Or am I thinking of something else?

  • Rave: Morino Brothers are the nicest people!!

  • venting for 395 that is underneath it

  • Rave: Valentine’s Day color M&M’s are free of calories!

    Rant: That’s not true, and I’ve downed a 1 lb-er in 3 days.

  • Rant: so WMATA is doing all they can to force us to by smart-trip cards – parking at metro stations can only be paid for with smart-trip, and now you must use it for bus transfers. So why in the hell are there still only two machines in most metro stations where you can charge the things up? I like the convenience of smart-trip, but it has become much less convenient. The line of old paper ticket machines mocks me.

    Rave: Three days ’til I’m watching iguanas walk all over ruins in Tulum.

  • Rant building off of Binklesworth: I use smart-trip cards but I also hate them. There’s no way to go online and check your balance. You just have to make sure to check every time you use the bus and hope the little reader is actually working. If I buy a gift card at Best Buy, I can call at any time and find out how much money is left on it. Metro has this information in a computer somewhere for registered cards anyway because they can give you a replacement if its lost or stolen. So why don’t they join the 21st century and let us check that balance online or by phone?

  • Thanks, all!

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