Judging Restaurants – Selam


Selam is located at 1524 U St. NW. I once had drinks there and it was a great experience. There was a very international cafe type feel. Doing a quick search I saw that the Post did a feature on them a couple of years ago highlighting their music scene:

“In the past year, though, Selam has been growing under the radar, luring DJs from some of the city’s better-known clubs and dance parties to spin in the intimate basement space, whether for one night or for a monthly residency.”

So any fans of the music scene and/or the food?

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  • when they do have parties there they are ALWAYS popping. Great space! Great people! Great owners! real people real place

  • Selam is wonderful! “International cafe type feel” is a good description. It’s Eritrean, which is very much like Ethiopian, and the food is great. The staff is friendly, the owner/chef always comes out to say hello and usually brings us extra food. It’s like having dinner at a friend’s home. And on top of all that, the prices are great, and they love our baby.

  • my boys at funk dc (funkdc.com) used to do a friday weekly there. you can see tons of pictures at http://funkdc.com/photos.html

  • Yeah, the food and the staff are amazing. I’ve been going to Selam on a regular basis for 4 years and have never been disappointed. I get serious cravings if I don’t eat there every couple of weeks. I recommend skipping lunch before going — the servings are massive and so delicious that you can’t stop eating.

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