I Just Liked This Photo


Ruff & Ready on 14th Street north of T Street always has some cool items out front. You can read about this classic spot here.

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  • I just bought two orange and chrome chairs from there. Pretty good deal. 30 bucks for both.

  • what’s up with the new building next to R&R? Will these be condos and retail? They did an exquisite job – at least on the outside.

  • r&r is always an interesting experience. too bad everytime i go there the items are more on the ruff side with a price tag that never seems to equal the quality of the ruff-ness!

  • Love going here after brunch. We ended up taking home a random framed article for $5 that was beautifully faded to a nice blue shade. Once we got it home it took a week to realize it was a 1970’s write up of a house that is still in Georgetown. I still look at the basement items and am half expecting to find something from my house growing up.

  • That guy gets all his stuff at the Tuesday Weschler’s Auction on E Street. Then he doubles the price.

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