Dear PoP – Where Does One Get Their Shoes Resoled?


“So every six months to a year, I have to buy new shoes. I hate new shoes. They hurt to break in and once they’re broken in, the soles where down. I walk everywhere. Someone reminded me of being able to resole shoes. I thought this was a great idea. So my question to the collective readership is: where might I get my shoes resoled? Can any pair be resoled or does it require it to be a higher end style? In other words, can my sale rack DSW black men’s shoes be resoled within walking distance of CH or PW metros?”

Good question. If I ever had to get my shoes repaired I’d got to the store pictured above located on U Street between 11th and 10th because, uh, well it has the greatest name ever. But for those really in the know – where’s a good spot to get your shoes repaired? I’d be curious to know of really good recommendations even if they are not in CH or PW.

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  • I always took my shoes to George’s at 13th and U. He helped keep my kick game ridiculous.

    My watch game is also ridiculous.

  • There is a place at 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE called the Eastern Market Shoe Repair at the Eastern Market Metro that I use (it is in that weird gray Market Place building on the south side of the street). Phone is 202/543-5632.

  • Me too monkeyrotica, George’s has always done me well. Though they’ve moved to 16th and U near the firehouse.

  • saf

    George moved – he’s over by 16th and U now. He has just opened a place in CH – OK, not JUST opened, I think it was November. Let’s see if I can remember where it is.

    Nope, and I can’t find it online either. It’s somewhere on 14th St.

  • George’s has had two locations for at least a year now. Does someone know for sure that the 13th/U location has closed, or do you just know about the new location? I haven’t been in 2009 but in late 08 13th St. was still open.

    Another place, this one i’ve never been to, is across the street from Domku and was featured on PoP in December.

  • I went to Philips after reading that post about them and they did a lovely job repairing my mary janes. If I would just unbuckle them when I put them on I probably would never need to go back, but you know, I’m supporting local business with my lazy shoe putting on habits.

  • If you’re in a lurch, the place in the basement of Union Station does a good job, and they’ll do it while you wait.

  • There’s a pretty good place at 18th and Eye St. NW, above the Subway – also has watch repairs and alterations.

  • George’s at 13th and U is definitely closed now. They had their location at 16th and U and 13th and U both open for a while but the 13th is definitely closed. Apparently the owner of the building terminated the lease of the tenants, George’ Shoe Repair and also the clothing store – Pink November – and they were both forced to move out.

  • Corrective Shoe Repair on 21st and P are rock solid. Resoles of men’s dress shoes (including replaced heels) run about $60, but they do excellent work.

  • What are the plans for the building on the corner of 13th and U? Prime real estate across the street from a Metro.

  • Second the Corrective Shoe Repair recommendation. They do good work.

  • Anonymous – no idea. I think the owner is trying to sell because I read that George’s Shoe Repair asked the owner’s of Pink November if they wanted to get together and buy the building, but Pink November declined.

    It’s still weird to me that there’s so much prime real estate on U street that remains vacant/abandoned.

  • Two of my coworkers have taken shoes to be resoled at the place in the basement of Union Station also and were happy with the service and price they received.

  • I’ve gone to George’s (now on 16 and U) several times to get shoes resoled and shined and I’ve always been satisfied. They do a solid job.

  • U Street Girl raised a good point…why is there so much prime real estate on U street that remains vacant/abandoned? Sounds like a decent PoP feature posting.

  • It’s a combination of greed and stupidity. Owners have been squatting on properties hoping they’ll go higher and higher. (Case in point: the bank property on 14th and U which has been vacant since the late 1980s.) Now that the market is imploding and prices are levelling off, maybe now they’ll sell. Unfortunately, banks aren’t lending for property acqusition so they may end up squatting on them even longer, hoping to wait the recession out.

    On the permitting side, getting legit licenses for renovation/teardowns/remodeling/HPRB approval take FOREVER. This is why you have developers rushing in and doing a quick sloppy job before the inspectors even notice the place is being refurbed. So even when they’re ready to redo a vacant property, it can be another 9-18 months before all the papers are in order.

  • What’s the new address of George’s? Yelp still has his old 13th and U st. location listed…

    Is it on the side with the Subway and Sbux?


  • saf

    14s – he’s just east of the cop shop/ firehouse.

  • my boyfriend has a pair of work shoes that he loves ( he has horrible flat feet and finally found a pair of shoes that were comfortable) and he took them to phillip’s on upshur..we live a few blocks down from there) and he was super impressed with the work he did..i was impressed by the fact that this little old sicilian man still has a shop in this area

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