A Big Day For Petworth

Georgetown Currents discarded along Wisconsin Avenue, originally uploaded by ANC 3F-04.

Feb. 4th, 2009. Mark it. This is the day Petworth started receiving the Northwest Current. My street all received copies on our doorsteps for the first time. Do you get the paper in Columbia Heights? Shaw/U Street? Mt. Pleasant/Adams Morgan? I’m wondering how far the new distribution goes.

I think this is great news and not just because of this. The newspaper doesn’t have a good online presence but consistently produces good articles. For example in today’s paper there are articles titled:

“City set to approve Upshur dog park”

“Foreclosure claims Babe’s project” (This is the one on Wisconsin Ave in Tenyltown that used to be the pool hall.)

“Apple wins ANC nod for Georgetown site”

and “U Street renovation wins green honor”.

Today is a good day.

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  • Quincy St Neighbor

    We’ve arrived in the eyes of the NW quadrant! I’ve waited 7 years for the NW Current to firstly bother to cover our news and to finally distribute to our neighborhood. AT LAST!

    To truly arrive, we gotta have a market/cafe/vendor in Petworth that’ll sell us The New York TImes. The Sunday edition at least!

  • I just got it yesterday too, even delivered in a plastic bag (great for cleaning out the cat box). The paper mentioned the new site of the SED Center, the Spanish Educational Development Center, that serves the local Hispanic community, to be housed in the old Hahn Shoe building on Kansas Avenue near Taylor. Good Petworth news and great use of a building that appeared vacant for years. Native Washingtonians will remember Hahn Shoes and their various locations in DC and surrounding areas.

  • It was delivered to [ihope] Tivoli North [/thisdoesntstick]

  • No dice on Euclid – at least between Sherman and Georgia. If only there was some other source of neighborhood news and events…

  • Seriously, every time you use Tivoli North in any way, even as a joke or to disparage, it starts to stick. I have a good friend who got into NASCAR this way 😉

  • I love the Northwest Current. It is true local reporting at its finest (other than blogs, of course). The WaPo could learn a thing of two from the NC in its (lack of) local reporting…

  • No current at my 11th and Otis residence. No love for Columbia Heights apparently. But we’ve had stacks of them at Red Rocks for at least a year, though.

  • i was very excited to read it last night and i really enjoyed it! i can’t wait for the next one

  • we don’t get it in ledroit – another reason to be jealous of Tivoli North I guess.

  • Vonstallin

    yerp I just got it yesterday also, delivered in a plastic bag. I open the goor for the pizza dude and was like WTF? the post on my steps again…dammit…then saw it was the current.

    I hope this dont come every day…

  • Didn’t get it in Park View, but businesses in CH seem to have it. I read the January edition while waiting for a table at The Heights on Sunday, and I think it’s usually at CH Coffee.

  • I will swing by Red Rocks to get one — I used to like that newspaper a lot!

  • Waah! I love the NW Current too, but why didn’t we get it on Emerson Street? Is this considered too far north in Petworth and not yet worthy? And I could definitely use some more plastic doggie poopy bags…

  • taylor and 4th got it. maybe I missed it but they did not list Petworth as a neightborhood served on their mast head. seems like a simple thing to add if you are going to the expense of adding whole new areas of distribution. I actually dismissed it because of that.

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