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I thought this was a bit odd and also very cool. It is randomly on the side of rowhome by the park at 11th and Monroe. Apparently it is of a trolley from 1890. A bit random, yeah? Anyone know if there was a trolley line on 11th Street back in the day?

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  • i’m no expert but that park at 11th and monroe used to be a turnaround for a trolley line. in columbia heights coffee, there is a picture of the park as it was way back when. so yea, there was a trolley line in the area long ago.

  • here’s a map i found of the trolley lines in 1958, not the best map but it shows the routes:


    also, if you click on the red flag at 11th and monroe, you can see a trolley in action at the turning point. and the reason for the house to have that picture on its side. pretty cool.

  • There’s a bit of exposed shiny trolley track on 11th in the middle of the block south of U Street – noticeable when riding bike.

  • j to the jtl: that picture is so cool!

    is it terrible that i wish there was still a (working) trolley turnaround instead of that park?

  • Bring back the trolleys!

  • yeah, my neighbor says that there was def a trolly running down 11th. I think they just buried them all under asphalt, which is why we can feel buses drive by, as the rails conduct the vibrations….

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