PoP Inauguration Photo Contest


Well, you knew it was coming. A PoP Inauguration photo contest of course! I’m interested in all types of photos – photos of the inauguration itself, the parade, parties, concerts, and what I think may be super interesting – just random shots from the week that somehow capture the celebratory spirit. Photos will be accepted all week. Winner and numerous honorable mentions will all get PoP t-shirts. I’m really psyched to see what you guys see. You can send me a flickr link or attach the image directly to an email at [email protected]

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  • So, let me take a stab at interpreting this:

    Any place populated with humans that’s 100% devoid of anything resembling capitalism. People will need stuff, they will trade to get it. People will have a problem finding a double coincidence of wants so they’ll create money. Some may begin to accumulate more money than necessary so they’ll save it and lend it with hopes they’ll get a bit more of it for when they might need it later. And then what do you have?

    Yes, reallocate, regulate it ’til kingdom come but it’s still capitalism. Wake up.

  • To semi-hijack an inauguration photography contest thread, Fotoweek is holding their own — winners get their work in the Newseum, in a limited edition book, and can win big cash prizes.

    Who says you can’t enter both: http://fotoweekdccontest.org/

  • May I recommend a common (and unique) tag for all flickr entries? I’d love to see everybody’s photos. Maybe a tag like PoPphotocontest?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    If you use flickr you can tag your photos with PoPObamaWeekContest

  • woops, should read “show me any place populated with humans…”

  • I know most of you are fine with “the program”, and I respect that. Nothing I truly embrace (jazz, poetry, among other things) is a mass market sort of thing. Having said that, this photo makes me feel less alone.

  • Oh so this isn’t a contest to caption these photos? Bummer…and I spent 2 whole minutes working on “The wet t-shirt contest at the Federal Reserve’s Inaugural Ball was a really bad idea.”

    I really need to read the entire post instead of just enlarging the pictures.

  • “It’s Still. Wake Capitalism Up!”

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