New Hampshire Ave Gets Trees Planted In The Median by the Petworth Metro


A reader yesterday noted that the trees were planted but I still hadn’t posted about it. I swear I wasn’t being lazy, I just have to space my posts out between Monday and Friday. I’m super psyched. It’s going to look great when the trees mature a bit and get leaves in the warmer weather.


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  • Yes, the trees were planted on the 8th.

  • Vonstallin

    Great News…I hope the polution don’t kill them….

  • well, its not like all those bottles around them are goin’ ta grow.

  • great way to beautify a street and green the city. hell they should line all of georgia ave with a tree median…

  • Well, according to
    3rd St NE got trees the same day. What is the process for getting new trees? Does the city have a schedule?

  • three years ago the city planted several hundred trees in the median of north capital. beautiful cherry and tulip poplars, maybe 8-10′ tall so pretty nice and mature. they didn’t water them, and all of them died. the next year, they came back out and cut down all the dead trees they’d planted the previous year. hopefully someone waters and otherwise cares for these – that whole situation on north cap was incredibly depressing.

  • Yeah, letting all those trees die on North Capitol St was such a waste. I am not sure that the city ever waters new trees. Does anyone reading this blog know? Could we decide as an ANC to hire someone to water the trees??

  • beautiful! Thanks — great news.

    SM – neighbors can do the watering. I’m trying to explore this on my street too — we just got new trees. I approached one person for help, and she volunteered to pray for rain. All the same, it would help to find a garden cart and some large buckets (in addition to prayers)

  • I hope theyre not the stinky ginkgo trees…if they were, then i wouldnt be that upset if they died…

  • It’s true some people will water trees…I watered a new tree across the street from my house and even bought a new hose that would reach across the street to do it. But I got enogh weird looks dragging a hose across 8th st, don’t know how u could water the trees in the medians. Plus some people don’t care – I had a woman on Upshur St tell me she hoped her tree would die, she was so pissed the city didn’t plant a cherry tree. So…yay for some great neighbors, but what to do about the others…

  • I immediately thought of the north cap trees too. Many of those were nowhere near houses- it would have taken some real planning for community members to water them.

    Hopefully these trees will have a better future.

  • yes, that was such a horrible waste what happened to those trees on north cap. does anyone know if the tree median will be expanded along the entire NH ave corridor like was initially planned? hope so! GO TREES!

  • There are signs around Mt. Pleasant that recommend watering the new trees if you can. It may be difficult for area residents to water these in the middle of the median, but maybe someone could talk to the city about an “adopt a tree” program and there could be some sort of organized plan. Anyone want to go in on this?

  • Yes, the work to plant trees in medians on NH Avenue to Grant Circle will continue in the coming months.

  • Planting trees in the Fall is great time to allow the roots to develop before harsh weather. Not sure about january

  • The main thing the city needs to address for all the trees they plant are the soils. The majority of soils the trees are put into are so dense and impermeable they serious have lower infiltration rates than the surrounding pavement.

  • Now where am I going to park muh truck?

  • If the city doesn’t actively water these trees, our tax dollars will go down the turlet. I get that with treeboxes you can rely on home owners, but the median should is the city’s responsibility. If anyone has any suggestions on how to hound the urban forestry folks into following up on their investment, please suggest and I’d be happy to write/call and help try to start the process rolling.

  • Casey Trees (, a DC-based nonprofit that plants trees and teaches volunteers and students about trees and tree care, had a program this past summer that involved giving out free ‘ooze tubes’ (tree watering bags that can be filled weekly using a hose) for people to care for new plantings near their homes. From the Casey Trees ‘Adopt A Tree’ website ( “DDOT piloted a Tree Keeper Program with Casey Trees last year and more than 1000 watering bags were given out to residents who requested a new tree. The District is expanding the program this year and hopes to provide a watering bag for every new tree. Residents who receive a tree and bag will also be asked to sign a Tree Keeper Agreement pledging to water and care for the tree in its first two years.” I’d imagine they would probably give free ooze tubes next spring/summer if the neighbors would agree to water these newly-planted trees that I’m guessing were planted by DDOT…

  • DDOT contracted Casey Trees to plant the trees along New Hampshire. I have sent them an e-mail to find out if they have a watering plan. As soon as I hear, I will post here.

  • It took some time to hear back from Casey Trees and now this post might be too old for people to read up on, but here it is:

    Casey Trees plans to install ooze tube watering bags in May/June.

    Broadly, it will be on their summer watering schedule with several of their other elm corridors, with a goal of hitting it at least 3 times over the summer.

    Specifically, they will have a volunteer service/tree maintenance event scheduled for June 27th at St. Paul’s @ Rock Creek cemetery, and this will include training, and maintenance of the newly planted trees in the cemetery and New Hampshire Avenue.

    Because the median is a dangerous place to work in, and because they will be watering from hydrants, we would DISCOURAGE folks from watering on their own, and ENCOURAGE them to come out on the 27th (and other days that we schedule as we nail those down in the near future), to work in a structured, safe environment, with traffic cones, hydrant meter, safety vests, Casey Trees field staff, etc.

    I would encourage any interested volunteers or neighborhood contacts to sign up for this (not up on our website yet, but to be posted at, or to contact the volunteer coordinator (and nearby resident), Carol Herwig at [email protected] or 202/349-1907.

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