Dear PoP – How Much Does a Garage Rent For?

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A reader asks:

“We were approached about renting our garage. I have no clue what appropriate rent would be and would love to get some input from your readers.”

Hmm, there is plenty of street parking where I live so I don’t think there’d be a premium on renting out a garage. But if parking is tight I’d guess you could ask $250 a month? Of course if you are in Dupont you could probably ask much more. What do you guys think is a fair price?

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  • Seems like standard parking ’round here is $200-$250/mo.

  • a garage in MtP goes for about $150. yeah there’s street parking available, but having it garaged provides some peace of mind as well.

  • Ditto on the 200/month.

  • We rent our off-street (not garaged) parking spot in Adams Morgan for $200/month.

  • how can you possibly answer this without knowing the location?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I agree it is difficult to answer. But I thought it’d be interesting to hear from readers how much spots go for in different neighborhoods.

  • We used to rent our parking space for $200/mo (on Newton between Holmead and 14th) Even if there’s plenty of street parking available, thing to remember is you need D.C. registration to park. The garage/off-street spot is great for all the folks that have Maryland/Virginia/Texas/California tags. And, one of our leasees was a guy from out in Silver Spring that found it more economical than parking at a metro lot everyday.

  • I think more than 200 is a bit much… I live in east dupont and rent two space for $185.

  • We rent our small 2 car garage for 225/month (off of Holmead, between Otis and Spring)

  • i live on capitol hill and i pay 150 to park in a driveway (because i have VA plates and want to keep my instate tuition)

  • I rent an underground parking spot in my building for $150 a month. I’m in Columbia Heights on 14th and Girard so there is parking on the street, but not always plentiful.

  • I’ll never forget in my house hunt years ago a Georgetown parking space listed at $90,000 came up in my search.

  • If it’s of any help, I rent a garage spot in Woodley Park, three blocks from Metro, for $160/month.

  • We rented our garage at 14th and Parkwood for $100/month. He was a friend, but the price seemed fair. People in our old condo near Thomas Circle had been getting $250 or $300/month.

  • It’s in an area near Grant Circle. Plenty of street parking but person wants to get the car off the street.

  • hmmm…this iss delicious food for thought. i never even thought of renting my garage/driveway. i am literally one block from petwrth metro. how much do u think i could fetch?

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