Capturing Sweet City Signs Before They Vanish Forever


This is a simple sign but it just struck me as awesome in its simplicity. It’s from a store way up on 14th Street. Anyone ever eaten there?

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  • itd be pretty sweet if they served fried chicken, steak and cheese together all on one plate

  • Vonstallin

    LOL I think they do, haaaa….

    I first went to this place in 1987 after play hooky from school and shoting a few hoops at the Upshur Field basketball court (around the corner from Smokey’s).

    I stop thru now and then…about 1 or two times a month. The potatoes are to die for and her blend of Mombo sauce is the best in “Da Hood”.

    I was just telling some of my more upscale folks that i love how this place is still greasey and sort of grimmey. Its clean…well clean enuff, but it adds character to the place.

    Old classic 70’s style dinnet counters with tall stools.
    I’m not sure if she is the original owner or brought into it, but she has been their since i was in high school.

  • As the sign lists all my favorite foods, and looks roughly on par with my budget and wardrobe, can I ask where this place is?

  • It’s up on 14th just after Crittenden, opposite the bus depot.

  • Vonstallin

    Yeap and POP have shown a few stores on that block. so you can make an saturday afternoon trip of it.
    Value Thrift store is a few doors down, The antique store POP showed is one or three doors down. Upsur Fields is right across the street and around the corner … sort of…

    My ex GF gran-ma lives around the corner so I creep thru alison st in hopes to see the ex… 🙁

    I should blow my string bean diet and hit up smokeys tomorrow.

    Oh and by the way they close at 6pm durring the week and I think 3pm on saturdays, but i could be wrong about saturday.

  • Highlands Cafe (formerly Mocha Grounds/Hut) is right near here and a great dry cleaners (Lapels) – Smokeys has great breakfast!

  • There’s a little Chinese carryout spot called Fortune Express on that block too that isn’t bad. It’s not worth a trip up there alone for it, but good to keep in mind if you’re in the area and want decent cheap Chinese. They used to have a huge delivery area [like all the way over to Catholic U and up to Fort Slocum area] but not sure if they still do.

  • Vonstallin

    ontarioroader Says:
    January 9th, 2009 at 10:13 am : Fortune Express

    I use to have them deliever food when when they first opened up. The egg rolls were bad 9to me) but everything else was good.

    After 21 years of eating carry out…i finally gave up all carryouts (chinese).

    But i miss it 🙁

    But the 25lbs I can keep off don’t miss it. 🙂

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