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  • It’s definitely nice to have a fully stocked market in the neighborhood. Giant and Whole Foods are my usual go-tos, but Yes! doesn’t require a bus ride — just a quick 5-minute walk. They saved me when I was in desperate need of butter for a Thanksgiving dish on Thursday afternoon. The prices are high — think Whole Foods — but it’s good for quick stops and they seem to have a very good selection of beer and wine, which is always welcome.

  • What is the parking situation like? Do they have spots for customers?

  • Whole Foods has clementines for cheaper. Just a point of reference.

  • This store looks bigger than their other locations. Like adams morgan for instance which is tiiiiny

  • It is bigger than the Adams Morgan location. And has a wider variety of items, including a good beer and wine selection.

    I don’t think they have parking unless the apartment building it is in allows customer parking, but I’m not sure why you would need it. This is more of a neighborhood market than a supermarket like Giant.

  • There is parking available in the garage, which is accessed by the little alley behind the store.

  • hopefully higher volume will mean their produce selection is better than the brookland yes!. We used to go there for all of our groceries but gave up because the produce was so horrendous.

  • I can’t wait till we get ours on Upshur. See ya, stinky Safeway.

  • I agree with Christina…cant wait for the one on Upshur. The stench of that Safeway is scary.

  • I always find the produce at the Adams Morgan Yes! to be horrible. I’m surprised to see these pictures of nice-looking produce. You’d think they would use the same suppliers for both stores. Perhaps improvement is coming…

  • Any scoop on what type of retail is planned for the several projects that are now under construction up the street on 14th?

  • I’ve been on the road pretty much since it opened, but my roommate has given me positive reports. She said prices were pretty outrageous on some items (a loaf of bread was marked for $7, but apparently mis-marked – it was actually around $4 – still not exactly cheap). But the beer selection is solid.

  • My wife and I wandered through Saturday night. Nice displays, interesting products.

    How about a price comarison for an intern project? Pick 10 or so staples and hit Harris Teets, WH, Giante, and YES and lets see the comparision, plus things that might make a difference such as organic, locally grown, etc.

  • The produce is great when it arrives, not so great by day 7….

  • Need a Trader Joes on U Street

  • def. need a bunch of trader joes all around the city.

  • Rumor is trader joes is coming to the 14th and S development (Whitman Walker Clinic)

  • yeah, jason, i was the one who first published that rumor.

  • the new one will be on the corner of Taylor and Georgia, Not Upshur. Looks like it will be done on time this Spring. Workers are there even on Sunday

  • What’s coming on the corner of Taylor and Georgia? A new Giant? Safeway? TJ’s?


  • I checked it out the week it opened. Man, I thought whole foods was expensive….way too pricey.

  • I’ll stick to Harris Teeter and the CH Giant. I could care less about expensive organic crap. It all comes out the same, lol.

  • “the new one will be on the corner of Taylor and Georgia, Not Upshur. Looks like it will be done on time this Spring. Workers are there even on Sunday”

    Duh, you’re right. There’s a Shell station at Ga. Ave and Upshur. Thanks for the correction.

    Anon 10:35, there’ll be a new Yes! Organic Market opening soonish at Georgia Ave and Taylor.

    I am kinda falling in love with Harris Teeter. I’ve never been to the one in the city, but the one near where I work is great. Maybe it’s just because it’s new and so it seems cleaner and sparkly, and the employees seem less surly. Though in fairness, the employees aren’t the problem at the stinky Safeway, to me — that rundown place can be blamed on Safeway corporate.

  • Hey, eric in ledroit, I agree. Their produce sucks. Overall, I think Yes! is a disappointment, though I ended up shopping there when I lived in Brookland. Check out my review on Yelp that pretty much sums it up for me: http://www.yelp.com/biz/yes-organic-market-washington-4#hrid:Mg54_A7ZZ3pm_VwFovQ-wQ

  • They need more meat options…. the organic shrink wrapped NY strip steak, 4 whole chickens, and some sausages doesnt really cut it… I live in the building above and was hoping I could rely on them to have a solid selection of fresh meat & produce. Their produce is OK… not enough volume of people to clear the food fast enough though so it gets a little old.

    Beer and wine is on-point though; however, living on U st you dont have to go far to get a diverse selection of that. There is a liquor store half a block down, a wine place around the corner (very nice people there), and another mini mart (organic & non-organic welcome, but overpriced) with a liquor license between 15th and 16th.

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