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  • I don’t even remember seeing a for sale sign at 318 Varnum and walk by there every day.

  • Can anyone enlighten me as to the justification for the prices for the units in the PN Hoffman building at 2125 14th St? $460k for a 1br — are you kidding me? As hard as it is for me to believe that they would ask for that, it’s even harder for me to understand that someone would pay it. I mean, okay, it’s 0 blocks from the Metro and on top of a grocery store, but there are so many condos within 2-3 blocks for waaay less.

  • I purchased a studio in the PN Hoffman building and it made sense to me because I wanted something new as well as something with a balcony. I was unable to find anything in the general vicinity of that building at the time I bought. They were very responsive to all of my needs and I am satisfied with the overall purchase.

  • I’m heartened to see that condos in my development are still fetching fairly decent prices. Nothing like PN Hoffman but then, we’re not new.

  • I second that, I bought a condo earlier this year in PN Hoffman’s Union Row. Very satisfied and well worth it opposed to some of the resales I looked at in the neighborhood.

  • There’s two “bank-involved” properties in my condo development — one’s a short sale and one is a foreclosure — and I despair of them ever being sold. I’ve read that if you want to buy a property where a bank is involved, it takes a huge long time and it’s five times the hassle.

  • I’ve done several foreclosures/short sales this year. While they do take a little more time and effort, they are certainly nothing to be afraid of-

  • And Kevin helped us buy our house in this November listing 🙂

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