MPD All Hands On Deck


Mad presence out at 7th and Taylor. I chatted with the cops, a bit, who were super nice and friendly. I still have to wonder if this is the best use of MPD resources. It seemed like they were mostly just checking to see if folks were wearing their seatbelts. I don’t know about you but I’d rather split these folks up and have them distributed on patrols throughout neighborhoods with trouble spots – especially in the evenings instead of the daytime. But I do have to emphasize that the cops standing out there in the freezing weather were super nice. I just wish they were used a bit more thoughtfully.



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  • It is up to the neighborhood patrols there,where Mr. Fraser patrols this area making sure everythings right.

  • These patrols are probably mandated by federal funding for seatbelt or DUI programs and they need to burn it up before the end of the year. All these funds are accountable, and next years’ money from Congress for DC’s police could be impacted if they used it for ya know… stopping people from getting shot.

    A great idea for the holidays outside the Beltway, out in the suburbs where all is quiet, but clearly not here…

  • They may be checking for seat belts, but they’re may be running plates for warrants, etc. It’s a fairly easy way to pick up wanted folks.

  • We also saw a heavy police presence around 7th and Decatur, right off Sherman Circle on Friday night. There were police cars, officers standing on the street waiting for something.

  • Ah. So that’s why Georgia and Florida was lousy with cops. I was like, “Cops on a foot patrol? NEAR HOWARD? WTF?” Hell, even spotted a motorcycle cop WITH A SIDECAR cruising Columbia Heights. I expect to see the Batsignal any day now.

  • Why don’t they get “all hands” over to one of the well-known, long-standing dope houses in the city?

  • Vonstallin

    Those areas are only a block long…most going thru the side streets are probably about to park near their house. Georgia ave or faster streets seems to be a better location.
    But what do i know.

    Cudos to them for being out in the cold.

  • Toby – the Friday night assemblage at Decatur and 7th was a pre-evening meeting. Had dozen + cars, some bike cops, a few canine units. Talking up there plans before deployment. There was also some action at 7th and Allison/south of Sherman Circle about 8 that evening.

  • Anyone want to place a wager on this not working? My coworkers car was stolen on Friday from his Chevy Chase home and used in a robbery on Riggs Road.

    When irresponsible people breed criminals, we respond by hiring more police. That is the tried and true way to fail. When there is a black market for drugs, more police is not the answer.

    Just look at what is going on in Mexico. Heads being chopped off and rolled onto a dance floor. Police officers utterly afraid of the drug dealers. An article in the post today details how COLLEGE students broke into a gun store in VA and sold the guns to drug dealers in DC. Pissed 22 MONTHS of their life away for less than $10K. The guys were caught. But the bulk of the guns are long gone into the hands of drug dealers. Yet, noone ever asks why do these drug dealers feel the need for guns.

  • Was it also Fri. night that a car came speeding around Sherman Circle, then north on Kansas, lost control and smashed into 2 parked cars? A minivan was shoved way up onto the sidewalk and the driver blew his tires. I don’t know what time it was but it may also have contributed to a police presence there.

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