More Good News From CocoLibre

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CocoLibre is the new coffee/tea/chocolate spot that replaced Nani Kafe at Harvard and Sherman. In addition to providing another option for loose tea for sale they now also offer Wifi. I thought this was one of the problems with Nani Kafe – while the coffee was great there was no Wifi.

The owner writes:

“Okay. The Wifi is up now. Some come all ye free internet users. And be sure to buy something, too!”

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  • Vonstallin

    almost look like a can of hash.

  • you might be a pothead if………

  • Vonstallin

    lol, no never ever did any illegal drugs….wait…well the Dr did have me on Morphine for 2 weeks after an accident…..but that was legal….and I don’t remember much durring that time :p


  • go and try the mint cocoa — it is heavenly!

  • I’m going to live at CocoLibre on my work-from-home Wednesdays. I really want this business to succeed.

    She has a great selection of tea there, btw.

  • Just stopped by recently as well. They’re very friendly and the interior looks cool, but I think they haven’t figured out the espresso machines yet. If I go back, I’ll probably just stick to regular coffee. I really hope they make it, though, it would be great to have a place like that on Sherman.

  • My first time there last week. My espresso was great, actually. The green color on the walls makes me want to repaint my studio…

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