I Love The Fact That These Posters Are Still Being Used


This from a bus stop on 14th Street. Check out the look of terror on the passengers face:


Brutal, yeah?

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  • Totally brutal.

    I looked at the close up pic and thought, “That’s weird. There’s a guy behind the car taking a picture!”

  • Ew, are shards of glass coming up from the struck pedestrian’s skull where it’s impacting the windshield? That’s gnarly. I’ve never looked at it that close up before.

    There’s something about this picture that has always seemed slightly physically impossible to me, and I don’t know what it is. It’s probably just in my head.

  • Disgusting!

  • She’s probably lactose intolerant and she’s afraid of getting that latte splashed on her.

  • It looks as if the chick is laughing hysterically….just a thought.

  • Yeah, it’s kind of strong. But I’m so glad these campaigns are on-going and in Spanish. Whenever I hear that a pedestrian has been stuck, especially in Langley Park or Hyattsville, it’s often an immigrant, many times Spanish speaking.

  • i think this is an anti-Starbucks add created by the good folks at Caribou Coffee, no?

  • saf

    See, I think this makes getting hit by a car look a LOT less bloody and brutal that it really is.

  • I agree saf – the reality of a car driver striking a pedestrian sucks, and if it takes an illustration like this to freeze the moment of impact and drive the point home [no pun intended] then so be it. I spent some time on an ambulance crew, and the reality is there’s usually lots of blood [head wounds] and limbs pointing in directions nature never intended. This image is tame. Maybe they should have ads similar to this encouraging drivers to stick around after an accident since a majority of the time car drivers who strike pedestrians just pull the ‘ol hit-n-run here.

  • Like the Wile E Coyote- Road Runner cartoons, but real.

  • What does waiting at the red light mean?, if one crosses against a red light, its cause and effect.

  • I was at a PTA meeting several years ago when a woman stood up and complained in Spanish that when she crosses the street to walk her kids to school the rude drivers honk their horns at her. The DC cops said that she had to cross at the corner when the light was green. She got frustrated and explained that the RUDE DRIVERS HONKED AT HER AND HER CHILDREN WHEN THEY CROSSED THE STREET! and the cops told her she had to cross only at the corner and only when the light was green. Finally, pissed off, she EXPLAINED IN A VERY LOUD VOICE THAT THE RUDE DRIVERS HONKED AT HER(!!!) WHEN SHE CROSSED THE STREET RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL DOOR(!!!) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOCK, WHILE NOT WALKING IN A CROSSWALK(!!) WOULD YOU PLEASE LISTEN DAMN IT AND STOP BRINGING UP THE CROSSWALKS WHEN THEY AREN’T IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL!!!

    I sat there very quietly.

    To say that there was a complete cultural disconnect about how one should be allowed to cross the street is to put it mildly.

  • anon 4:53 HAHAHAHA!… marry me?

  • Vonstallin

    lol, that is a Starbucks cup…..

    You guys got it all wrong…
    The driver is in fact angry at above Starbucks Dude and is mashing on the gas!!

    The woman is just scared and do not want….


  • Yeah neener, the cultural divide can be tough. Montgomery County had so many pedestrians struck near the intersection [but not in the crosswalks] at New Hampshire Ave & University Blvd in Langley Park that they decided to build a 6′ tall steel fencing for a quarter mile in all directions along the median to prevent jaywalking.

  • The real people in the picture are probably freaked out that a cartoon guy was walking in the middle of the street.

  • ontarioreader is right on the cultural divide can be tough, even in gentrified areas have seen the Cultural divide is clear, look at Cardozo HS or even around Dupont Circle with the day laborers there.

  • Neener:
    Sadly, I believe that’s a common phenomenon. And a frustrating one. But how can our culture (or whatever the f*ck it is) communicate to every living human just how to cross a street? How can we comfortably know that we’ve delivered the message fairly to everyone? Should we post a full array of instructions at every street corner in every language? Who would read it?

    Nay… As a first step, I think the bus ad campaign is a good one, but it needs to be infinitely more brutal. We need to see a shower of teeth and blood everywhere: a carpet of gore needs to flood that car. It might communicate a bit better. Blood = universal language, no?

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