How Was Your Weekend Shopping Experience?


I cruised by the Target at DC USA and it was surprisingly chill. Although a friend of mine told me that there were lines around the block at 4:30 in the morning on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Insane. If anyone went out in DC or elsewhere was it equally insane?

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  • I was in the Northeast, won’t name the city, and found that the people buying the next day were pitiful and/or sad. There were crowds, but people who couldn’t get a “doorbuster” deal (oh god) seemed like they weren’t going to be able to get very much at all.

  • Did not even venture out to go shopping. We do most of our shopping on-line or through mail order catalogs. So easy!

  • I went to a new Target in Annapolis, and it was near empty…. Like a Tuesday at 1pm at the DCUSA Target. Though many Napolitans were probably doing the upscale-shopping thing. Who knows.

  • saf

    We went downtown, Georgetown, and 14th St.

    Aside from the clusterf**k that was the hot chocolate break at ACKC, nothing was too nutty.

  • I was at the DC USA Target Saturday morning at 8:30 while they were holding an employee meeting in the middle of the store. The manager said they had not hit projections on Black Friday so he would be cutting employee’s hours.


    Also sad that customers had to hear this.

  • I spent Sunday afternoon shopping along U street, and with only one exception was always the only person in the store. Heavenly for me, but I felt bad for the retailers. Maybe becuase of this, I was surprised at how many good deals there were.

  • I was in Southern MD near PAX River visiting family. Needless to say, I spent my Black Friday at the stores down there. I enjoyed the free parking, great deals, and good company. Oh, and no one was trampled to death or mugged.

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