First Sign of Gentrification in Woodley Park?

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It’s been a long time coming…

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  • I don’t think Woodley Park needs gentrifying.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Wow. I’m speechless.

  • Have you ever been to Woodley Park? It couldn’t be more gentrified already. That’s what Drewlove meant. It’s quite homogenous & upper-middle to upper class.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yeah, um, yeah.

  • Vonstallin

    I need to break away from Golds Gym Yoga and venture out for a change.

  • pop: are you high or something tonight? really, i’m thinking ‘wtf?!?’ when i read this and your replies to everyone’s comments. unless you’re just trying to be ironic or funny or something like that. which doesn’t work well in this medium, because you’re usually so darn earnest that you suddenly being a jokester wouldn’t work.

    so what is it?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Holy Canoli – I was joking around! In that case I should be clear I also wasn’t looking for titles 31, 32 of the Burns Indiana Statutes.

  • In other news: recent studies show that inability to detect sarcasm is a warning sign of dementia.


  • For the record, I did get it.

    Signs of gentrification= 1. Availability of $4 lattes in neighborhood, and 2. Yoga Studio.

    Over the top, beyond-gentrification=Pilates Studio (which I think Woodley Park does have).

  • sarcasm is nature’s gift to humanity.

  • Hopefully Woodley Park will get a Starbucks and maybe a sit down restaurant now.

  • pop. feel your pain man. Honestly people. honestly.

  • This is the first thing that made me laugh all day. Don’t let the haters get you down.

  • BTW: The second thing that made me laugh all day was Herb’s comment.

  • It’s actually funny that Woodley Park has been so gentrified for so long, that they are missing a lot of the signs of gentrification that plague younger, hipper neighborhoods 🙂

  • I love Woodley Park. I used to live in Cleveland Park and it was so nice. You never had to watch your back or be worried about idle teenagers robbing you blind and hitting you with a bat. I would love to move back if it wasn’t so damn expensive to live their. But I guess that’s the price you pay to live someplace that is safe at night with neighbors who don’t want to bach your head in for looking at them the wrong way.

  • The only time I ever feared for my life was when I lived in Woodley Park. I missed by 5 minutes having a knife pulled on me in a elevator, as happened to the next woman who gt in the elevator.

  • Hi hi hi, you Americans are so funny.. “just kidding” required with every ****ing joke (and non-****ing jokes as well). Oh and: just kidding.

  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you must of lived in the rent controlled building.

  • the pilates place in woodley left last year. starbucks tried to open in the newish building accross from sherrys liqour but the neighborhood denied them due to the same rules about restaurant frontage that cleveland park enforces. so they moved into the Marriot. which marks up their coffee but gives you a discount if you live in the nieghborhood and actually has a cool outdoor area in their garden. the only thing Woodley is missing and I dont know how its gone unanswered. is a grocery store. one little market serves the whole neighborhood. this is ashame because if they had a trader joes for instance that would probably cut the carbon footprint of the neighborhood quite a bit as they now drive for groceries for the most part.

  • Ha ha ha!! I, for one, am grateful that our noble Prince does not feel the need to put smiley faces next to his sarcastic comments.

    For the record, I think Woodley Park kinda blows. Most of the restaurants are average at best (exception: the awesome Afghan Grill) and the bars are always full of tourists. Even the McDonalds is dirty and low-rent. It’s basically a support system for the Marriott and the Omni Shoreham.

    Cleveland Park, while less yuppie ghetto than Woodley Park, is unfortunately on a downward spiral as well. The “massage parlor” got busted a couple years ago, and Whatsa Bagel, possibly the only real bagel that could be gotten in DC, is also gone. And finally, the last time I parked in the “secret parking lot” behind the Post Office, I got a ticket. WTF?

    If Palena should ever leave, they might as well condemn the whole place.

  • Jamie- could you please point me in the direction of a first class mcdonalds? And the notion that cleveland park is any less yuppie than WP. BARDEO AND ARDEO. starbucks AND firehook. a paint your own pottery place. I could go on. but i would say the two are tied if anything.

  • Re: Your a pickle and I am 2-

    Hmm, I am sorry that you have found yourself outside of the lush confines of Cleveland Park and now have to fear for your life in Petworth (?) because of the roving bands of teenagers who want to rob you and and bash your head in.

    If you were the victim of a crime, I am sincerely sorry. But these kinds of asinine generalizations do absolutely nothing to build the community up here in Petworth/Park View/Columbia Heights.

    Your attitude (judging just from the words in your post) represents the worst of the gentrification boom. I assure you that your paranoid delusions are largely unfounded and that 99.9% of the residents of our neighborhoods (black, white, brown, old or young) couldn’t give two s*$ts about who you are or what you may have in your pocket.

    Perhaps it would be best for you, and everyone else who enjoys our “scary” little community id you just get your tail across the 14th St Bridge and settle into Virginia. I hear the rent can be even cheaper there.

  • Jamie, to each their own, but I loved living in Woodley Park. What a beautiful place. And such amazing convenience to everything you need (except, of course, a grocery store…)

  • Seriously, Anon 10:35, check your reading glasses. I said it’s less “yuppie ghetto,” not less “yuppie.” Less “yuppie ghetto” means more “muffaleta.”

    Also, in case you missed the memo, Bardeo AND Ardeo are actually the same business. You know, they have basically the same name. Kind of like Starbucks’ and Arbuck’s. And I refuse to believe that a “paint your own pottery place” can be anything other than a money laundering front.

  • There was an article in the WP a couple of years ago, right around the time Yoga House opened, that pointed out the correlation between gentrification and yoga studios. The point being that the arrival of a yoga studio is a sign that the neighborhood is gentrifying. It has taken awhile – it’s been two years since Yoga House opened – but the luxuty rental/condo development is nearing completion, Yes Organic is coming, the Safeway redevelopment is coming, another development is coming across from the Safeway, and Central Union Mission is not coming. There are certainly still some rough patches but I would say that the trajectory of North CH/Petworth is definitely up.

  • Jamie is the one who made me laugh with Arbuck’s.

    In defense of Cleveland Park, it’s very easy to get to via the H2, 3, and 4. Not sure if there’s anything special there (besides the Post Office).

  • In defense of Cleveland Park…

    The Uptown.

    And for a couple months out of the year – temporary Halloween store!

  • a little surly this morning jamie. Im well aware bardeo is an extension of ardeo. if memory serves me there was so much interest in a yuppie establishment they opened bardeo not long after ardeo. for the record the same guy owns atomic and aroma. can those be viewed as seperate establishments because their names dont rhyme? Also i know pelanas burger is amazing but never did a yuppier place exist. bring back the kenny rogers roasters.

  • saf

    GSG – Don’t be so sure about the Safeway redevelopment.

  • Vonstallin

    I use to hit up Pizzaria “UNO’s” in CP all the time…. Before the Petworth and Columbia Heights became the hot hip spots, I would take interns and summer visitors to all that Cleveland Park and Adams Morgan had to offer….

  • Sigh. I was just joshin’ around. This all began with unheeded sarcasm remember? I don’t REALLY think May By Yew is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    But you really should check out that Mickey D’s. I’ve been there. They have real dining room tables and chairs.

  • Hey, Jamie —

    I’ve been to that McDonald’s. Used their bathroom to clean up after my girlfriend and I slept in the car after driving straight through from DC.

    Uh . . . uh oh — that revelation might have just blown the “first class” designation for them.

    Ah, but still, it was very nice there.

  • The crime situation is real, not imagined and everybody makes their own choices. DC has a real problem and being Mr. Fatwallet walking around certain areas does entail risk. Some of us assume that risk to gain certain other things (using a car less, spending less time commuting). Don’t mock people for wanting things to improve. Our society frowns upon intervening in parent’s strategies or lack thereof so the mothers who are too young, too poor and uneducated (the key three risk factors for progeny to end up in jail) end up inflicting their mistakes upon the rest of us. That leaves enforcement once the damage is done as our only recourse. If you choose to pretend there is no problem or that it is part of the ‘hoods coolness, you are part of the problem.

  • Can Woodley Park ever be described as having been ‘gentrified?’ Hasn’t it always been a rather wealthy, largely-caucasian enclave?

    You can’t gentrify a place that was originally populated by ‘gentry.’

    And while we’re at it, why are we still using terms like ‘gentry’ that became outdated two centuries ago? There are no gentry anymore…

  • anon5- if your definition of gentrification is going from minority to caucasion than maybe. but having grown up there ill say that it has definatly gentrified. It was much more like mount pleasant with younger familes and group homes and teachers residing there with a lackluster commercial strip. the B and K newstand in adams morgan used to be where an indian restaurant is now. the sushi place was a crapy mexican place. the city blues cafe is gone. the comedy club is gone. I mean im old so I know these things. Woodley was never ghetto but it was a far cry from what it is now.

  • I think Woodley Park “Arrived” when the drug dealing shoe shiner Stoney moved his business to adams morgan

  • Warder Kid,

    I can’t speak for pickle but I am getting the hell out of here this summer. I would leave sooner if I could. I probably will end up in Virginia. There is exponentially less crime there.

    I agree with you that at least 90% of the people living in CH and Petworth are wonderful people that not only couldn’t care less that I live here but are happy to have me. The remaining 10% make living here suck for everyone. The only difference between me and most of the people who live in CH and Petworth is that I can afford to do something to distance myself from that 10%.

    I am not sure what your point is. That Columbia Heights and Petworth somehow have less crime than Woodley Park and Cleveland Park or that the presence of much more crime on this side of the park is somehow acceptable? Or perhaps that you are some sort of cultural elite and those of us who do not want to live in a dangerous neighborhood are somehow racist, classist or somehow not as cool as you.

    I am leaving primarily because most of the newer residents I have met stick their heads in the sand regarding crime in CH and Petworth and assume that gentrification will solve the problem by making the demographics here more closely resemble those on the other side of the park. I suppose that this will eventually happen, but it will be a long time coming. Alternatives involving having the District government get tough on crime do not seem popular. Thus, the rate of crime in CH and Petworth should not change anytime soon and these rates are unacceptably high for me.

    I do not see why this should offend you.

  • Ya, what Bill and HBP said. “I am leaving primarily because most of the newer residents I have met stick their heads in the sand regarding crime in CH and Petworth…”

    Truer words were never spake. Pull your head out, Warder.

  • For the record, I do not live in Petworth or NW for that matter. I live in Eckington to be exact, which has a totally different neighborhood dynamic than Petworth. You can complain about Woodley or Cleveland Park all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that they are very convenient and safe neighborhoods overall. I loved living in Cleveland Park. I could walk to Adams Morgan/Woodley/Dupont and there was a Yes Organic Market and a Magruders right on Con Ave. Living in a “transitional” neighborhood (which I live in a very transitional neighborhood) has it’s downsides, especially now that the economy is in a recession. Having my head almost bashed in by a brick isn’t funny…

  • Now that is friggin funny! Or maybe its funnier that some folks just didn’t get it. What ever, I have had my laugh for the day. Thanks all!

  • CP and HBD- dont let the screen door hit ya where the good lord split ya. sorry your dreams of buying in a transitional hood and having it gentrify at light speed to resemble georgetown in a year so you could leave the city with bags full of cash didnt work out. have fun in manassass.

  • Will do. Stay safe.

  • someone should do a study on how the word gentrification makes people go bonkers, they could use this blog as a starting point

  • Cleveland Park is a very pleasant place to live when you first move to the city from a small town. It is safe and nurturing and bland. Once you are acclimated to the risks and rewards of urban life, though, Cleveland Park becomes a bit stagnant. There is no sense of community, as most residents are transients going to AU, UDC or Howard or they are very old. It remains a lovely place to visit, but I will happily trade a certain level of safety and security for the opportunity to actually know my neighbors.

  • On a serious note, the reason I and others choose to live in Columbia Heights or Petworth or wherever wasn’t just so we could sell our houses in five years at enormous profit. Though this is a possible benefit. But what right-minded person would choose to LIVE somewhere – actually live, make your home – that they hated? Only because there is a possibility of profit from it? That makes so little sense.

    I love my neighborhoods. Sure, there are some problems, but for me, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I can’t stand the suburbs. You trade quality of life for safety. And interestingly, the “safety” notion isn’t really true. The chance of a suburban dweller dying due to external causes is higher than a city dweller. That is because you spend significantly more time in a car, which kills far more people than homicides do every year.

    Finally, ask yourself how many homicides there are in DC every year that are random. That is, non-gang related, and victim did not know the perp. I can think of very few, probably fewer than 10, and even some of those innocent people were associated with gang members.

    So take your chances. Roll your dice with the 37,000 people — all of whom could be you– who die in car accidents every year, versus the roughly 16,000 people who die in homicides in the United states — few of whom are killed randomly.

  • I think that HBD has a realistic take on the reality of life in this area… I think if I planned to spend the rest of my life in DC, and wanted to stay in DC proper, I would find something west of the Park. I, too, am older, and am not so interested in the thrill which comes from transforming a place.. DC is as apartheid -oriented as, well, you fill in the blank-and the bulk of the services everyone should have are generally on “the other side of town.”
    I mean, politicians here slobber all over themselves when they “bring” a supermarket
    to an “Underserved” neighborhood… What kind of ironic sadness is that?

  • What Jamie said. Also, be careful when crossing the street no matter where you live. About 10% of the MV deaths are actually pedestrians hit by cars. That number is still far higher than the number of people killed by strangers.

  • I dont think that comment was dierected at you Jamie but certainly its clear that CP and HBD DO very much hate living in said neighborhoods and cant wait to get out. so whatever their motives they seem to have been ignorant. Not only do you make a good point about car deaths in the suburban population but if people moving to the burbs think they are free of gangs i say ahahahahahahahahahah. and not to be rude but Kalia- you clearly were not an urban studies major were you. type gentrification into yes it is a hot button issue and yes it has been studied to the point of near exhaustion.

  • Jamie:

    I’m not sure you can say that living in the suburbs means a lesser quality of life. There are many things in the burbs that really increase the quality of life, like the lack of street and other noise (read: gunfire); the open spaces and wildlife you won’t see in the city; the fact that in the summer the burbs are about 5 degrees cooler than inside the city, etc. Also if you have kids there is the fact that schools in outlying counties are far, far better than those in the D.C. Montgomery and Fairfax counties have arguably the two best public school systems in the country. Or the lack of violent and property crime D.C. has the third-highest property crime rate of any city in the U.S.

    The downsides are: the commute, if you work in the city, and the inability to walk to local services, but these do not apply universally. There are plenty of walkable communities in the MoCo suburbs that are Metro-accesible and do not require a car.
    Just on the Red Line, the Bethesda, White Flint, Twinbrook, Silver Spring, Wheaton and Rockville metro stops all have nearby housing and amenities within walking distance. Granted, being able to walk everywhere is a great convenience, but just on factor to weigh.

    And as far as driving-related fatalies: I’ve lived in MoCo most of my life (born in Silver Spring, baptized in Bethesda, went to high school in Rockville) and have never even been in an automobile accident. On the other hand, I run the risk of being run down by a reckless driver on my walk to work every day.

  • I didn’t move to a transitional neighborhood to make big $$$. I just wanted a place to live that I could own (sorry that I expect a certain level of safety, I mean, I do pay a lot of taxes and all). I’ve lived in Columbia Heights (in 2000, way before the hiptards arrived), Cleveland Park and now Eckington. I wasn’t from a rural town way out in Iowa, I’m from the area. I love getting a geography lesson from transplants who think they know everything… As I get older the crime does bother me and so does the fact that the schools here SUCK. One day, I will have children and this isn’t the environment I want them to grow up in. Gangs, violence, drugs… whatever, it seems to be more severe in the city than in Moco which is where I plan to move within the next 5 years; preferebly in Silver Spring or Wheaton.

  • I say “Oy, vey” to all y’all. Get thee to a yoga class and mellow. It’s all good.

  • Vonstallin

    I’m a native Petworth/Columbia heights resident and the crime and murder rate have always been the highest here. Not many people realize that. Back when our murder rate was damn near 500 a year (80’s-90’s) a mass majority of that was right here in Petworth/Columbia heights. Most out of town people always thought it was South East DC, its not.
    SE is just the poorest region of DC with its fair share of robberies and murders, but Most robberies, thefts, murders and rapes are in NW and hate to say it Petworth/Columbia H.

    I haven’t been up to date as of late, but from the 80’s until early 2000 that was true.
    The current situation “to me” is grand compared to what I went thru back in those days. I’ve seen people murdered, I was robed at gun point, had my car shot up while I was in it and lost a lot of my friends I grew up with all here in PW/CH.

    So I know it’s still bad for most of you guys, but for me its fine. Its way better than it use to be and it’s steadily improving.

    This city isn’t for the faint of heart, but its improving.

    No matter what, you have to be aware of your surroundings. I think the teenagers pry upon those who look scared.

    Some of my Caucasian neighbors tell me stories of walking by big group of teenagers. They normally say “Hey How are you guys” to them first, and the teenagers respond and they never have problems.

    I know it’s not as simple as that, So anyone who don’t want to live like this then it’s fine to leave. It’s your life and you shouldn’t have to live in fear.

  • Vonstallin’s post reminded me of a map in the Washington Post long ago – I just found it online. It shows unsolved homicides from 1992 – 1997, pretty much the height of the crack epidemic in DC. (I moved here in 1992, I think the year DC reached 500 homicides for the first time). I make maps for a living, and we used to have this hanging in our office because it was the first time we saw the WP publish a map they created.

    It actually really shows a crazy amount of homicides in Columbia Heights, almost unbelievable. There are a fair number in the Petworth area as well, but mainly along Georgia Ave and not so many on the residential streets.

    check it out here:

  • Vonstallin is the man!

    I love the positive insights and historical perspective (as well as some damn good humor)

  • I love hearing people justify to (themsleves) their reasons for leaving the city. ah yes. walkable rockville. love going out there for a stroll along the parkinglots. honestly. People get bitter they arent rich enough to live in DCs safest wealthiest enclaves and send their kids to private school so they huff and puff out to Va and Md and say the crime is why they moved. as if they are dodgin bullets on the daily. can someone please tell me how many innocent people were murdered just walking home from work in any neighborhood in dc v. any neighborhood in moco? people reading this blog from out of town would think there are gangsters just hanging out in the trees waiting to get a shot off at any white man with a breif case. you cant convince us that leaving for the suburbs doesnt make you less cool or more of a pussy. you are a less cool pussy if you leave. end of story. but as i said in the begining. its not US you are trying to convince…

  • hilarious, PoP. one of the first things i heard about in DC is to be on the lookout for yoga studios, since they’re the first signs of gentrification. if you can buy right after a yoga studio opens, you’re usually golden.

  • Believe me anonymous, I don’t have to leave anywhere to convince myself of being an uncool pussy. Everywhere I go, I’m still there.

  • Yes, let’s all KEEP IT REAL like Anon 4:31, live here forever and send our kids to DC’s excellent public schools! Don’t whine or cry if someone wants to leave. People can live wherever they feel like or move if they wish; this isn’t Cuba.

    PS Spell check is pretty easy to use.

  • Anon @4:31:

    I don’t know who is ‘justifying’ leaving the city. No one has to justify their choice of where to live to anyone else. As Americans we have the right to live wherever we please. Personally I’ve never lived in the city, so I can’t possibly justify to myself – or anyone else – leaving the city.

    At the moment I’m in the market to buy a place. I was very close to buying a home in CH/Petworth a few months back, but I kept reading stories that really turned me off on the area. My goal now is to live as close to the city as possible but not in it, to be able to walk to Metro, and to be able to walk to the gym/supermarket/restaurants/etc. If I could afford to live in downtown Bethesda, I would. Chevy Chase would be even better.

    For me it’s a matter of justifying moving in to the city, and I weighed the options and decided that it would be a better idea to stay in MoCo. Of course, being born and raised in MoCo, I’m used to the top-quality amenities the county and the State of Maryland has to offer. For example, as a MoCo resident I was able to attend one of the 50 best high schools in the country, and graduate from UMCP on in-state tuition. When it snows, my streets are usually cleared before noon on the day of the snowfall. Can D.C. residents expect that kind of service?

  • There’s a fair distance of criminality before you get shot or shot at. I haven’t been shot or shot at, but have been threatened with violence multiple times. The odd sort of threats, where I’m out walking the dog and suddenly some young guy is screaming at me and saying he wants to blast my white face. Or something similar from the bag boy at Safeway. So, those sorts of reasons are why I want to leave, along with the general inability of many fellow DC residents to use garbage cans and toilets on a regular basis. I’ve lived in DC for almost 20 years, and while I liked the general chaos in my younger years it just gets old. I also took part in the public policy crusades a decade ago to get DPW to pick up trash, clean up abandoned blocks, etc. I don’t have the energy to engage in another public crusade to get MPD and to do basic law enforcement. I did what I could, now I am old and tired and its time to go. Why did I move to a high crime area? Well, my area is not too bad really, though I commute on buses via crappy areas. Mostly I didn’t believe that things would be so bad, and that so many people would outright embrace violence and crime (and not using garbage cans or toilets). I was sorely mistaken, I admit, and shocked that people live utterly without dignity, or the desire for it, in so much of DC.

  • EazyE delivers the SPELLCHECK KNOCKOUT. whoa. amazing. note to blog-commenting-douche-bags everywhere. find a spelling error in an opposing commenters post. then tell him to spell check. damn. doesn’t get any better than that. and for the record I will be sending my kids to private school. I aint a broke joke like yourself. and i never said people couldnt leave. Hell most people who leave I am GLAD to see go. I just made fun of the way you all try and convince YOURSELVES its not lame when it is. I cant believe you managed to bring up Cuba. I mean shit. wow

  • Christ and Mary and the Apostles. I just read all of these comments without cutting my own throat! Go me.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Let me just say – I honestly had no idea this post was going to go in this direction…

  • Lordy, you people’s inability to appreciate a funny sarcastic joke is absolutely unbelievable!

  • This is a truly amazing discussion.

    I feel torn because while I live in wild wild Petworth now, I grew up in Ffx, my ‘rents are still there, and it’s not like it sucks or anything. It’s fine. I’m a suburban Gen X-er, my natural habitat is a mall. Mmm, Tysons.

    I’ll tell you what, though — I wouldn’t live anywhere where I don’t feel safe. It’s not that I’m sticking my head in the sand regarding crime; I live in Petworth because I haven’t actually experienced any crime personally. Is that unusual? I’m not saying crime isn’t there, of course! It is, and it’s important to address. But in my day to day life, I’m mostly bothered by the trash and how long it takes to get things fixed. I feel physically safe.

    If people don’t feel safe, then of *course* they should move to where they do, and that doesn’t make them a (ugh) “pussy.” If I had someone try to beat my head in with a brick or accost me in a supermarket checkout line, I’d be outtie.

  • Vonstallin

    Like I wrote in my Rant / Rave on Monday:
    DC it’s a Love hate relationship.

    We should start a topic like this in the Forum. I’m actualy learning more about how some of the new pep’s and my old school peps feel about our area. I had no idea that some put alot of clout on living here. I didn’t know this was the “Cool” place to live. Like I said I’m learning alot since more people are ready to express themselves behind the keyboard vs. ramdomly talking to someone in the streets.

    As for me.
    The second I find and marry a Ms Vonstallin and have kids of school age….
    Im out of here.

    No way in hell im sending my kids to Raymond, Rooservelt, Paul, Lincoln,MacFarland, or any of the schools in PW / CH. By that time I will leave here and head anywhere North by Northwest of PW / CH.

  • I thought Paul was now a charter school that was fairly well-regarded. No? I also thought Lincoln was pretty good as these things go.

    I’m not defending DC schools, but I will say that middle school years are just dicey ones for all kids. Even in the “good” districts. But there are school districts that are doing a much better job with their middle schoolers than DC is, sadly.

  • Christina – I generally agree with you except your last statement. You anticipate that the moment anything unpleasant happens to you in DC, you’ll be heading for Vienna? It will happen, trust me.

    To go back to my car analogy, every time you start the engine you risk your life. Sooner or later, you will be in an accident, which may be minor, or it may be serious. Will you forsake driving for the rest of your life when that happens? Of course not. People who drive, do it because the benefits outweigh the risks.

    Being mugged or harassed is a possibility anywhere, and more so in transitional neighborhoods. The risk is still very small, but it’s unlikely that you’ll live in Petworth and walk anywhere without an incident at some point. But the question is, does that small risk, and the unpleasantness of a rare isolated event, put you over the edge about all the other things you enjoy about the neighborhood? For me, it never would. And did not when I was mugged at gunpoint in Adams Morgan 10 years ago.

    But as a point of observation about how rare these incidents are, I walk around Petworth, CoHi and U street, and Adams Morgan OFTEN. In 18 years in DC I have been mugged once. I doubt many people who drive to work and back every day — as well as anywhere else they go, because their community is not walkable — could say they’ve been never been in a car accident in that time.

  • Vonstallin


    I’m not sure if it is a charter school or not, and to be honest, I forgot that they built a new Lincoln. But even if it is rated as the top 5 schools in DC I wouldn’t send my kids (if i had any) to the schools i listed. The influence of other kids going to and from school IMHO is just too much.

    Teachers of my old Elem (was just talking to them as i voted) complain about having to spend more time teaching students how to speak english so the rest of the class suffers.

    This area is hard on kids.
    I’ve watched kids from single digit age to late teenagers “some whom went to schools on Wisconsin Ave” get totaly consumed by this community. You have to work extra hard I feel…beyond the normal amount of energy and effort you pore into kids to keep them on track.

    Im in my 30’s and most of the females i grew up with have children of school age. The ones who remained in this region all are having an abundant amount of issues. Most of it are the influences of other or just the kids wanting to fit in.

    Not saying you don not have that in other areas… but at the same time I have friends who live in tennley town and woodley park with kids and issues they have are typical keeping up good grades.

    In a total package effect, The school is only going to be as good as its neighborhood and PW/CH isn’t their yet.

  • “You anticipate that the moment anything unpleasant happens to you in DC, you’ll be heading for Vienna? It will happen, trust me.”

    Yeaaahh….I probably wasn’t clear, Jamie. Merely “unpleasant,” to me, is not enough to make me leave. I’ve had my car stolen, and my car broken into (two separate incidences) in Miami, and I didn’t think about leaving Miami. Though those circumstances were “unpleasant.”

    But if I felt that I was in physical danger in my surroundings, on a regular basis, as many people seem to have expressed on this board? I wouldn’t be posting here, I’d be looking to leave. I really don’t feel unsafe in my day-to-day life. Even walking home from the Metro (some of that probably has something to do with where I live in relation to the Metro.)

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I understand why people don’t feel like being “urban pioneers.” I don’t either, and one of the reasons I live here is because I feel like it’s not really requiring that much of my psyche (except for the trash and the shoddiness of some areas.)

    But I also think that people have different levels of what they will put up with. There’s no one answer to these things. HBD runs into 10 percent of people in his/her life that make living here intolerable; who am I to say that should be okay for him/her?

  • You are a “less cool pussy” if you leave? Who the hell do you think you are?

    People should live wherever they feel comfortable and happy. What’s right for some isn’t right for all.

    Judging those who choose to live elsewhere doesn’t make them a “less cool pussy,” it just makes you sound ridiculous.

  • Stoney didn’t deal in drugs, just shoe shines. He passed away last week.

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