Does Anyone Know When The O Street Market Is Going To Be Developed?


It seems like there has been zero movement here. Anyone know the timeline for when it will be redeveloped? It is going to become a market again, right?

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  • I have seen news accounts promising work in the coming year, I am not sure now, in part of the tsunami in real estate and auto sectors, I hope the walls can be at least stabilized before time and nature take their toll, as this was the work of Adolph Cluss.

  • Now that the commercial real estate sector is looking for bailouts, may I suggest that the correct answer is “not in our lifetimes”

  • maybe we can still hope for a doggie park!

    cuz…. we *need* those.


    Supposed to break ground next Fall. The developer is Roadside Development. They have updates on their website periodically.

    I’ve been watching this pretty closely since I have a current listing a few blocks north and have an active development project a couple blocks south on 9th.

  • Part of the extra revenue generated by the parking meter increase to $2/hr was dedicated by the council to O Street market development.

  • Yep. Thank you, Jack Evans.

  • I hate that the City Center and other downtown developments already have signage around their sites illustrating/explaining the plans (something both Roadside and Metropolitan were asked about in public meetings) and yet we don’t get the same courtesy in Shaw.

  • City Vista (IN WARD 6 …) went up in less time (3 yrs?) than Jack Evans & Co. have been fumbling the Roadside project for the past 5-8+ years. Expect the new ANC2C Commission to be more open and up front with information than the outgoing commission.

  • If Roadside fumbles on this one or other real estate ventures like our football team, I can see realisticly that Giant Food can go it alone and rebuild the O Street Market, and renovate/raze the existing Giant Food store like the Piney branch Safeway did a number of years alone, and continue to give Harrris teeter, Whole Foods and others healthy competition to bring food prices back to earth.

  • yup, dat’s my livin grease

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