Development Watch: Taylor and Georgia – Now Leasing!


It kinda looks a bit surreal, right? So what do you think of the building? This is the spot where the YES! Organic Market will go into. Not sure on the exact date of their opening though. I seem to recall folks took issue with the “tower” on previous buildings I’ve shown. Overall do you dig the look of the building?


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  • The tower and the building in general are quite handsome! Thumb up! 2 thumbs up when Yes! finally opens!

  • My partner and I have been watching them build this. For a while we thought it was going to be an ugly or less than attractive structure. However in the last couple of weeks its taken on an appearance we didn’t anticipate and we both looked at it the other day and said, “wow, I wouldn’t have expected that.”

    I like the appearance and think it is an interesting addition to an eclectic stretch along Georgia Avenue.

  • I live a half block away & am a pretty big fan of the place- though I wish the brick frontage had extended to a floor line rather than mid-window. Otherwise, it’s refreshing how quickly (and with decently solid construction) this has gone up compared to the the Petworth Metro condo/apartments (whatever they are at this point- the metro entrance is *still* closed).

  • cartoon architecture at its greatest

  • It’s nice but it won’t win any awards.

  • Glad it got built!

  • James touch on something that I was thinking myself. They have built this place very quickly, especially when compared to Donatelli’s building down the street. Makes me wonder about the quality of the construction . . .

  • Donatelli’s location is obviously much more demanding that this one (not mention size of course).

    Hope there will be more similar massing coming near this one. Now it looks almost like a skycraper next to the small buildings.. 🙂

  • it looks like it belong in a strip mall in virginia, but i really don’t care. i’m so desperate to have some development in petworth and some new commercial options in the area that i will actually frequent (one can only consume so much carryout).

  • This building gets a thumbs up from me considering the architect obviously took a good look at nearby buildings, Latneys Funeral Home at Randolph Street, not to mention homes on the 4300 block of Kansas Ave, another noteworthy building is the one next door, though faded and that the facade is not original to the building, it possibly has local significance.
    Thumbs up that it will have affordable housing, and the Yes Market, that can compete with the long standing Safeway down the street and with the smaller establishments that unfortunately have the plexiglass barriers, put in because of break ins, robberies that have been epidemic in the city.

  • Any decent commercial options within walking distace of my pad are a welcome alternative to the abundance of dusty isles of canned goods and gleaming coolers of cheap beer found in the numerous streetcorner shops in my hood.

  • am i missing something here? it is completely hideous. every time a new condo goes up in petworth and columbia heights they look like some version of this. i can only imagine what architects will be saying decades down the line. affordable housing with an unaffordable grocery store directly below. well they can still walk to the safeway…too bad it smells like rotting trash when you walk in! how long till that is torn down again?

  • Nice…. very convenient to the Library too.

    I shopped at the Petworth Safeway for the first time after leaving the storage unit; after all the trash talking I was prepared for jungle warfare conditions. It’s nicer than the Soviet Safeway, if that’s any consolation!

  • In comparison to the new Donatelli building by the metro I think this one is being built on a much more modest budget. That said, I think they’ve done a nice job.

    Re: the comment on Yes being unaffordable, I don’t think that’s really true. It depends what you buy. This is affordable housing, not public housing, btw. If you’re single and make $40K per year, you would probably quailify to live here, and you can afford not to eat rotting produce, especially by saving on your rent!

  • Vonstallin

    I can sit on my back porch and see this (5 blocks away). I had mixed feeling about it at first because it was so big in compared to the other surrounding buildings, but now with it almost complete I can give it 1 and a half thumbs up. Once the store is in and its completed im sure I will give it 2 thumbs up.

    I’m glad they are starting to spread out vs. just building right on top of each other like around 14th street. I hope they improve some of the Super Ultra generic looking buildings around this one. And For gods sake get that Tow yard the hell on out now, lol

    Next on the list should be the old Han Shoe store warehouse on Kansas ave. (it’s not part of the U-storage place is it?)

  • How many of you would rent an apt in this place and how much would you be willing/able to pay? I am curious to know.

  • Vonstalling, we have “argued” before, but spreading out density is not smart – therefore I hope some of the gaps between this and the metro will be filling in with similar density. What they have done around CH metro IS smart. In my opinion that is. 🙂

    ps. Nate: not sure what scale of “re-development” you are operating at but have you checked out the house(s) for sale now at Quincy and 14th? Looks like a decent opportunity for a developer.

  • Vonstallin: The Hahn Shoe warehouse is being renovated ( almost done!) by SED -spanish education development corporation….they are currently in adams morgan….a qaulity bilingual daycare moving to Petworth 🙂

  • Vonstallin

    GforGood Says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Bah Humbug, lol
    I can’t say I would be totaly mad if they fill in the gap with some more stores and living spaces.

    upthestreet Says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 10:29 pm
    I can’t say thats what I would have like for the place to end up being, but its better than just sitting and withering away.
    Thanks for the info. i drive by when i hit the shell station, but never look that direction.

  • to what??’s comments, i totally agree. this building looks cheap, is completelly unimaginative, and would be very much at home in a low rent suburban strip mall. hopefully they are not finished and the grey wall will be covered in brick, that will help some. but this city is plagued with buff colored EIFS {fake stucco) next to red brick – can we do something please to end this trend? i think the building looked much better when it was concrete and yellowboard. beyond it being a painfully boring eyesore, having a yes! market in the neighborhood will be lovely.

  • Every new building in the city looks like this – with the faux turret at the corner. Our whole city will soon look like this. In 20 years people will spot a faux turret (or circular atrium) on a building and be able to say “that was built in the early 2000s).

  • Dear Princess,
    Are “faux turret” and “circular atrium” architectural terms. You speak as if you know. As I understand it, turret is a word that describes a small open tower-like structure. They were originally in castles, then in ships and forts to house guns for defense. In recent architecture they are almost purely used for decorative purposes. Have you been inside this turret in Petworth? Do you know whether it is accessible or decorative or if it contains weaponry? And while you’re at it, please help me with “circular atrium”. I think you are suffering from a case of wannabe architectural Tourette’s Syndrome and I recommend as a treatment that you only use language you can comprehend.

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