DC’s Got Some Sweet Christmas Lights As Well

DSCN5428, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Last week we admired Baltimore’s Christmas lights but just wanted to show an example of some great DC lights. This house is located at the corner of 4th and Varnum (and has a sick garden in the springtime by the by). If you have some examples of some sweet DC Christmas lights be sure to send me a photo at [email protected]

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  • PoP, you should check out the apartment building at the corner of Euclid and Champlain in Adams Morgan. The building always goes all out every year. I’d take a photo and email it to you, but just like I refuse to get cable, I refuse to go digital with regard to taking photos.

  • This photo is cool, but does not do justice to the joint; the lights continue around the side to the large bestiary of 7-foot xmas inflatables.

  • Thanks for doing this!! I saw many modest but beautiful driving from north country (upper Petworth) down near where we live. Just kinda puts you in a good mood.

  • Great photo–I just drove by this house the other night too.

  • Check out the house on Parkwood between 14th and Holmead. Super sweet.

  • There’s a fly house on New Hampshire just south of Grant Circle. (definitely unmodest).

  • Check out those spectacular Christmas lights at the Bishop’s house on North Portal, individual displays of santas found on nearby streeets, or the Mormon Temple in nearby Maryland, or up and down Kansas Avenue, these are even sweeter.

  • You want to see crazy lights? It’s a drive, but check out the corner of Birch Dr. NW and N. Portal Dr. NW in the Colonial Village section of DC (practically in Silver Spring). It must be paid for by a church or something. It’s completely ridiculous.

  • Hey! I just this minute saw that house at 14th and Parkwood while walking my dog. And it is lovely. Does anyone know any neighborhoods that kind of get together and compete so the whole street is festive? I’d like to take my daughter on foot or by car through such a neighborhood.

  • The lighted Santa at Capitol Locksmith at 3655 Georgia Avenue for a commercial light display.

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