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  • The fish are horrified by the way Chesapeake is misspelled.

  • Ha! I prefer that to the pigs with the huge smiles on Bar-B-Q places.

    A little truth in advertising. 🙂

  • nice one… I’ve been meaning to shoot that place myself for a while… also for the ANDRE posters down the wall, one of which has a nice 666 scribbled on the forehead.

  • love this series, PoP – old signs are a great part of city history…

  • Yeah, gotta love the misspelling. Nothing like facing the reality that we have a 37% adult illiteracy rate here…

  • Is this on the little building where Sherman and Florida meet? I was sad to see this morning that the little triangle block right there has become — ta da — a Howard U parking lot. I guess the acres of parking up the street aren’t enough.

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