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  • Wow! That’s some serious CARnage. Ha. Ha. Nevermind.

  • Somebody spent a Saturday lovingly picking out that car, driving it around to show off to friends and family. Somebody picked up a date in that new car and drove to a nice restaurant.

    I have grown to hate this city the more residents I meet.

  • Neener- you are an odd duck.

  • Now the real test – how long will MPD and/or DPW let the car sit there as they try to assign responsibility for who has to tow it.

  • Neener, Neener, Neener. Either you are becoming more pessimistic or REALISTIC. Don’t let the robbing, stabbings, shootings, and random gunfire make you hate this city.
    I was in Burleith/Palisades/G’town y’day. it is just amazing how two opposite ends of the city can have such different experiences.

    There has to be someone to blame for the drastic disparity in quality of life.

  • Insp. Delgado of MPD just posted on the 3D yahoo list serv that this fire appears to be mechanical/accidental in nature.

  • At least in this case, if DPW tows, they can hardly do any additional damage. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, as some of my neighbors found out Thanksgiving weekend.


  • Neener, jesus, it’s a goddamn car. Chill.

    And, apparently it was mechanical. Seriously, if a car catching fire gives you this reaction, maybe you should relocate to someplace not so… populated.

  • p.s. those are some sweet pictures. That car got owned.

  • A car got dumped and torched in my alley last night (4th & Crittenden) just before midnight, that’s bad. DCFD was there within minutes to put it out, followed by several police cars and it was on a flatbed towtruck and out of there 2 hrs later, that’s good I guess. Sorry, I didn’t get pictures.

  • A sure fire way to get the auto industry back on its feet. πŸ˜‰

  • LOL. animal mother.

  • I bet the person who owned the car on 4th & Crittenden doesn’t see it as just a goddamn car! It is probably his means of getting to work, picking up his kids, running errands, etc. When someone steals your car and burns it, you have to go through the entire process of buying a car. For no other reason than some juvenile wanted to play bumper cars for the night.

  • Neener – I agree with the other posts – living in Petworth is not for you.

  • Hey, we were all kids once. But growing up shouldn’t mean that you lose the ability to appreciate how awesome a completely torched car like that is.

  • Neener and Nate get it. The others — puerile rubbish. “Whoa, look at that super sweet burned-out car! It’s totally fresh! I dig that! It’s ok for people to mug and burn cars; they’re poor and they’re just expressing themselves in a culturally different way, and we should respect that.”

    Get real, hipsters. If your elected officials thought more like Neener and Nate, maybe you’d actually live in a nice neighborhood.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It was an electrical fire…

  • It was an electrical fire….

    Sure it was….

  • CP,Nate,Neener- I think a chill pill is in order. Clearly you are all bitter you dont live on the otherside of the park. I started looking in the neighborhoods POP covers when I first started out my homesearch at the height of the market and couldnt afford anywhere else. after the market thankfully tanked I found a handful of houses I could afford in the west-of-the-park neighborhoodtopias you are all hard up for. But I didnt buy there. I moved here for a much bigger house and a more central location. AND because inspite of all their problems these are the neighborhoods I want to be a part of. They are diverse in every sense and are on their way to healing. But I dont see how not gawking at a car that got effed in an electrical fire or crying bloody murder about it is going to change anything. YOU are the types of residents of these neighborhoods that IIII hate. you move here because you want a house but cant afford elsewhere. then you sit around with a gentrification hard on. shitting a brick when you hear about a mugging. bitching about hipsters. eagerly awaiting the day that your neighborhood joins the A list. I say give it a rest.

  • What Neener, Nate, and CP said (assuming that the photo above was, in fact, of a car that had been intentionally lit on fire, or transferring their sentiments to the car that was purposely torched on Crittenden). Why should living in Petworth, Columbia Heights, or any other part of the city, for that matter, mean that anyone needs to just accept the fact that cars get torched, people get mugged, bad stuff happens? Everyone – and I mean everyone, not just people reading PoP, but everyone who lives nearby – should be pissed off about this kind of stuff.

    Honestly, some days, it’s the bullshit comments on this blog that piss me off more than the constant crime that’s never addressed because “that’s just the way it is in this neighborhood.”

  • I watch the DCFD put out the fire at 4th and Crittendon last night- the DCPD didn’t even bother to take witness statements or inquire of those standing around. The pics above may be of a car with an electrical fire- I don’t know, but the car torched last night was not, and may have been used in another crime, as is common with stolen cars- especially those burned to destroy evidence. Also, anyone around to hear/see the gas tank explode in the car last night know that the people in the surrounding homes could have easily been at risk if not for the fire department’s swift response. That car was seriously near homes/townhomes. After the car fire- maybe around 1 or so, there were also several sirens around- I am guessing another shooting?

  • cantwalkpetsinpetworth- did anyone get pics of this awesomeness or what?

  • haha, Anonymous at 2:56.

    And just for the record, I’m no hipster, but I do think fire is — in the words of the whiner at 1:28 — “super sweet.”

    And fire that spontaneously consumes a car? It hardly gets better than that.

  • Anonymous,
    That is great if you are able and willing to overlook things like muggings and find the good in a community. But for many people on limited incomes, they deserve the right to a safe neighborhood just as much as the people in Burleith.

    I have never had a problem with crime in Petworth. I have lived here for 6 years. At the same time, I am cognizant that stolen cars affect all of us. We pay higher car insurance rates for issues like stolen cars. Random gunshots put all of us at risk. If you ask me, this city and neighborhood need more people like me that would stop excusing this behavior and crack down on it.

    I wasn’t forced to move to Petworth. I make more than enough money to live elsewhere.

  • I may be a hipster (I think, but I’m not really sure, maybe someone else can just label me to make it easier on me), but I just don’t understand this city can allow cars to malfunction like this, right there, on a public street. Someone needs to be held responsible. I mean, really, what does $15 billion buy now a days. Even if it is a mechanical failure, failure is unacceptable!

  • well as a “hipster” i am just outraged. people just LOVE to use us as a barameter of a neighborhoods likelyhood of gentrifying. I would argue we are used in this way even more so than the gays. “oh look there they go to north east. thats the next hood. lets go buy a house there and pray a starbucks opens up a block away and then complain there are hipsters walking the streets that dont care that a car caught fire” for shame!

  • Is there any information on how this was determined a mechanical fire? According to the linked CityPaper report, these fires are reported as mechanical to reduce the beuracratic process. Just curious http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/2008/10/08/dispatches-from-capitol-hills-car-b-cue-alley/

  • how. effing. DARE the city paper make light of the situation by calling it CAR-BQ alley. dont they realize people went on DATES IN THOSE CARS!!!

  • I wish i had had a date in my car that was so hot it burst into flames.

  • I agree there’s no need to be overly pessimistic about the neighborhoods further east – the higher crime does suck, there are no two ways about it, but I lived in Georgetown for two years and *hated* it. You almost never see another living soul out on the street, there’s very little to do, it was like being in the burbs.

    That being said, I can’t get behind all of the “torched cars are awesome! why can’t lame people see the awesomeness!”. Even if it was electrical, but especially if it was crime, some people (not myself, but I’m lucky) rely on their cars to get themselves to work, their kids to school, etc. If I had a car and it was destroyed, I know that I could not afford a new one. And in this economy, there are more and more people like that. It seems really insensitive to ignore the fact that someone might (and again might – this could have been a car picked up through a shady deal and set on fire, etc, etc) have needed that car and be unable to replace it.

  • My roommate’s Volkswagon van once spontaneously burst into flames in Arlington (hours after being shut off) Apparently — and which we had both read about months before — old V vans are prone to do so because of a wiring issue. He was very sad, yet he was also impressed by the fact the fire was so hot the tires completely melted. It is natural to find fire an incredible force. The issue is trying to keep idiots from using it for crime, and putting people at risk.

  • “Is there any information on how this was determined a mechanical fire? According to the linked CityPaper report, these fires are reported as mechanical to reduce the beuracratic process.”

    Everyone believed Insp. Delgado when he said there was a crazy kid on the loose hitting people in the head and stealing their iPods; why won’t you believe him now when he says the car fire was caused by a mechanical malfunction?

    I want to know how people got from a car fire to assuming that folks are somehow condoning muggings and other forms of crime. Whether fire is “neat” is debatable; but even if you think it is, it doesn’t follow that therefore you condone “robbing, stabbing, shootings and random gunfire.”

    Neener and Nate – ya’ll need to move, seriously. I feel your blood pressure skyrocketing with every post. Nate, you’re always bringing up negatives, but Neener, this is a little bit different from you. Normally you don’t come across as a person filled with rage. Has something happened recently?

    It sucks mightily to have your car get burnt. But ultimately, it is just a car; if no one was killed or injured, it’s a blessing.

  • I do not have time to read all this dribble, but sometimes cars catch on fire because of other issues.

    for example the van that I took pictures of on Varnum. Two guys where working on the Wheel chair lift when they sparked something and it burned.

    Do not forget to disconnect your battery when you work on your car folks!….I never do, but it seems like a good idea πŸ™‚

  • I do not have time to read all this dribble, but sometimes cars catch on fire because of other issues.

    for example the van that I took pictures of on Varnum. Two guys where working on the Wheel chair lift when they sparked something and it burned.

    Do not forget to disconnect your battery when you work on your car folks!….I never do, but it seems like a good idea πŸ™‚

  • Christina,
    You have never seen a post from me where I was on here calling people names or verbally abusing someone. I’ll make my point. You make yours. We can agree to disagree. But nothing on this board gets my “blood boiling”. Intelligent people can read an opinion opposite of their view and not get all up in arms. Only simpletons let words on a screen enrage them to the point of calling names.

    And to be totally honest with you, crime and violence actually benefits me. I don’t have to compete with a guy doing 20 years in prison.

  • @Nate:

    Are you referring to something I said, or are you mixing me up with another poster? Where did I call you a name, accuse you of calling someone else a name, accuse you of verbal abuse, or say that your “blood was boiling?” I said that you always bring up negatives, which is very true. I also said that even if a person likes these pictures for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean the person likes rampant crime.

    Oh, okay, I did say your blood pressure was skyrocketing — you’re right, I’ll take that as another way of saying “blood boiling.” All the other stuff you’re suggesting I said is off base.

  • Vonstallin

    Turtle Wax…..
    it will buff right out……

  • My first car burst into flames when a kitten got way up in there and caused a short which ignited some gunk. Poor kitten, I’ve always felt bad for it.

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