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  • Hey, but they have DirecTV!! Probably a HD flat screen plasma no less…

  • Not sad. Funny! Pathetic people are funny!!! Hold yourself above them and laugh! Cuz they are the only reason you are ‘above’. And think of the savings on heat! (are the windows bricked up or insulated over or what?)

  • Why on earth is this sad? At least this person has a home and over 100 channels to choose from no less! This is a choice to live like this.

  • is that even legal? it thought dc codes required operable windows in all living spaces.

  • maybe a half deaf vampire lives there?

  • maybe it’s sad because the person has an allergy to sunlight or something?

  • This is 1539 9th Street, NW. It has been vacant for over a year, since an electrical fire displaced its residents (who have found new housing). 1539 9th is owned by Monarch Novelty Shop on 14th Street. I have reported this property as vacant on several occasions, yet it is not taxed as such yet.

  • That Monarch Novelty Shop is a weird place run by some weird dudes.

  • Is it possible that you have to knock because no one generally lives there but they are doing work on the house?

  • No — the knock sign was there when the house was inhabited. There has been no work done to rehabilitate the house since the fire in 2007.

  • here’s how I interpreted it- the person couldn’t hear well so their house burnt down because they didn’t hear the smoke detectors.

  • word on the street is that a computer in the house overheated or blew the circuit or something causing an ignition. Only one of the two residents was home at the time, and he was in the shower. He heard the smoke detector or saw/smelled smoke, and ran out of the house wearing only a towel.

  • no…. you guys suck. i just bought a vacant house, and had a fence installed and new doors with locks installed. i can’t afford much more at the moment, but it’s not a shell.

    it’s secured until i get financing for the rest of the renovation.

    at least it’s not a public nuisance.

    could any one of you afford to buy a vacant property and secure it? NO.

    so give us folks a break. the folks that have VISION, and are actually doing something.

    the complainers are clearly not involved in renovating the “hood”. they’re worried about their investment. fine. so be it.

    but don’t knock the folks that spend hard earned money to slowly secure and renovate homes in dc.

    that’s all.

    continue your rants, please.

    i find them extremely funny, and sometimes annoying.

  • OH, so.. another note, your “door of the day” on my currently vacant pad, will have to wait for a bit. but at least it doesn’t harbor crime.

    you folks really need to think a bit or research a bit more before you go knocking empty pads.

    or at least approach the vacant properties in an intelligent manner.

    they are not all trash.

    i really find a lot of you people ‘smart’, but not in touch with folks that are doing something for the hood.

    you bought your house. fine.

    i’m buying others to help fix the neighborhood. it doesn’t happen overnight.

    pls give us “benefactors” a nod.

    you can’t afford anything but complaining.

    you get my point?


    go pay your mortgage, and then bitch about “the other half”.


  • Whoo! Somebody needs a hug…

  • Poo poo: what’s the frequency, Kenneth?

  • Having been through a fire myself, it tookabout a year just to get the permits to start the demo work! We came to dread having to deal with the permit dept. One woman we dealt with was actually wearing slippers…

    So maybe they are trying to get a permit?

    Regarding Monarch Novelties – I have always been intrigued by that place. One time we went inside looking for a cowboy hat for a costume party. Definitely some weird dudes..but they had the hat. The place is bizarre inside. How do they make their money? I never see any customers go in our out.

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