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Well, we’ve got a short week so let’s end it with a question I’ve been wrestling with a for a while. At what age do you stop going to your folks house for Thanksgiving? If you’re going home for the winter/Christmas holiday – do you also go home for Thanksgiving? Or do you invite your folks to come to DC for Thanksgiving?  I’m spending Thanksgiving in DC with friends and I’m unbelievably psyched for it. I’m going to see my folks in Dec. so I don’t feel too bad. But I do have a little nagging guilt. So how do you guys split your Thanksgiving/Winter holiday travels?

And it’s time for the annual Thanksgiving photo contest. Above is a photo from last year’s contest. All you have to do is take a photo from your T-day and email it to [email protected] Last year’s winner after the jump.

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  • Vonstallin

    Well I’m a holiday bastard. I grew up with my parents not celebrating holidays nor birthdays for that matter. So it’s never an issue.

    I so look forward to Thanksgiving now. I go to my friends/ex Co-workers house. Lots of Interns, Internationals and displaced people stuck in the city with an Open Door policy. I’ve been doing this for about 6 years now and love it. Oh and I cheat, I bring a Popeye’s Cajun Fried Turkey.

  • Since moving in with the boyfriend we have divided the holidays. Thanksgiving with my family, Christmas with his. We’re both the oldest in our families and I assume as soon as we buy are own house our two families will convene at our place. Though we all live in DC/MD/VA area so this makes things much easier. No one has to sleep over which is best for everyones sanity.

  • At what age? 56, the age I lost both of my parents within months. So I don’t go to their house anymore for Thanksgiving since they’re no longer among the living. Oh, you mean travel far to our parents’ home for Thanksgiving, assuming most of us reading this blog are from out of town? Uh, no. I’m from here and cooking big this year.

  • My husband and I moved to DC 7 years ago. We went back home the first year for Thanksgiving, and spent more time diving than with our families. The following year we decided that since I always had to work the day after Thanksgiving, we would just go Turkey Day in DC with his brother and girlfriend. We have been do that ever since. Now each year, we end up with friends who decide to boycot their families or their fams live to far away. We spend the day cooking and drinking. And then when dinner is over, I get to immediately start my Christmas decorating. I think it is much more fun with friends than going home.

  • Well, I think after you’re married, and sometimes you’re just unwilling to have to figure out who’s parents house to go to, you just have to invite everyone to your house (if you can fit everyone).

    But that’s just me becauuse I love cooking the turkey.

  • saf

    I was 21 when I stopped going to Mom and Dad’s for holidays – as soon as I got out of college. I really prefer to see the extended family at non-holiday times. It’s easier on everybody.

  • I’m 27 but I go to my Mom’s home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have five sisters. So there’s six of us all together. And we all have significant others. I go to a “second Thanksgiving” on Saturday in Annapolis were one of my sisters live and that is when we do our name exchange for Christmas. I love going to my Mom’s for the holidays. We don’t fight and I have a great family. And better yet she lives in MD as does the rest of my family. So they’re only a short drive away. No traffic jams for me!!! It’s great not being a transplant.

  • After college, when I moved to the east. I was 23 and I have not gone home for Thanksgiving since but my mom met my sister’s and me in Florida one year. This year the husband’s family will be visiting plus my sister in law’s brother lives in DC (she doesn’t) so her whole family is visiting. We are hosting T-day at our house and just bought a table that can sqeeze 12! The giant Petworth rowhouse came in handy this year.

    We do travel for Christmas but split the time between 2 states since we aren’t from the same place. We just started doing that after we were married. 8 years of togetherness and last Christmas was the first one we actually spent together. Frankly, I prefered it that way becuase we didn’t have to drive all over the place. If it weren’t for the pressure from the fam I just would have kept right on with him going to his famliy and me going to my family.

  • I’m 25 and this will be my first Thanksgiving away from the family; they don’t live particularly far away (3 hrs), I’m just making a consious decision to avoid the crazy this year. Thus, I’m going to have a “Very Flipflopirate Thanksgiving” which may manifest itself as several holiday incarnations: Crash a friend’s thanksgiving in the DC/Metro area, host a last minute transplant Thanksgiving amongst the ppl staying in the area, write a perspective-piece based on my expereiences celebrating the holiday of thanks with DC’s homeless population, or perhaps just wander a mostly deserted DC seeing what there is to see… any suggestions?

  • I am going to in-laws house for two days and then staying in DC for Christmas. I love the holidays in the City. It’s so quiet, peaceful and nice to wake up and not have to go work. Flipflopirate – you will love it…

  • I am going to in-laws house for two days for Thanksgiving and then staying in DC for Christmas. I love the holidays in the City. It’s so quiet, peaceful and nice to wake up and not have to go work. Flipflopirate – you will love it…

  • We do every other Thanksgiving with my family and every other with my husband’s. This year, we’re hosting my family so at least we don’t have to drive anywhere! We have way too much food now though since another family was supposed to join us and then dropped out. What do you do with the amount of leftovers we’ll have from a 21 pound turkey for 5 adults?!?!?!?!

  • Vonstallin

    Oh I forgot to add.
    My Biker guys n gals play flag football in Bowie MD (our turkey bowl) every year, it always end up being histerical.

  • I’m local and will be making the trek all the way out to Rockville again this year for both Thanksgiving and Xmas.

  • saf

    FFP – The Smithsonian is open on Thanksgiving, and is wonderfully under-touristed that day.

  • I haven’t gone home for Thanksgiving since 1994 (um, so 19-20ish?). It always seemed silly to waste so much time traveling with the whole rest of the east coast. While I’ve certainly had my share of “Charlie Brown Thanksgivings” (toast, popcorn and jelly beans on the couch), usually there’s a good group of friends around with whom to eat, drink and make merry.

    I don’t go home for Christmas either. I’m really partial to my own bed, my own stuff and my own place, and it’s just my dad and I, so he usually comes down for a couple of days. Last year was the first time I decorated and finally took advantage of the high ceilings and got a tree that was slightly over 9′. I can’t wait to do it again. I just hope it doesn’t fall down (again) this year.

  • I do 24 hours in New Jersey with the extended family from Thursday morning to Friday morning. It’s a nice combination of getting out of town and seeing the family, but also being around in DC. I also generally stick around town for the Xmas season, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

    Now that I have lived on my own for a few years, I was thinking about bringing my own Thanksgiving dish to my aunt’s instead of being lumped in with my parents. Then I got busy at work, and decided to stay lumped in with them for another year.

  • That looks like a nice kitchen in that photo! I hope whoever that person is recognizes the sweet kitchen they have!

  • For the past two Thanksgivings (my parents were retired and trying to sell their house in MD, they finally sold and moved to Santa Fe this year), they would actually cook all the food and bring it all to me — that was AWESOME! I have great parents and siblings, and if it weren’t so hard logistically to get us all together I would gladly spend it with them! Instead I’ll be joining a friend at her house this year.

  • The fact that you have “a little nagging guilt” says it all PoP. Go see your parents. They won’t be around forever.

    As for me, I’ve only spent one Thanksgiving away from my parents (long story). This is by far my favorite holiday. To me, there’s nothing better than the combination of family and an abundance of good food.

  • I stopped going home for Thanksgiving when I was 18, went to college across the country, and thought for 10 seconds about flying home for four days, with two of those being full travel days. We’re not huge holiday buffs, so now I just find some vacation time when flights are cheap(er) and I can go home for at least a week. Thanksgiving has been official “me-time” since I started having it on a totally empty campus, which was amazing, and this year I’m going to finish some much needed home improvement projects. Though I will be hosting a dinner party for in-town folks on Saturday.

  • Don’t feel guilty. Travel if you have the time, have Thanksgiving here if you don’t. Inviting parents, to me, is dependent on having the space to do it. I didn’t when I had a one bed room apartment, but since buying a house, I have over had my rentals twice.

  • Remind me to never read a perspective-based piece (sic) on the experience of spending Thanksgiving with the homeless.

  • 25, always go to my moms in OC for thanksgiving. This year, one of my friends through a thanksgiving party this past sunday. that was kind of cool. i usually end up doing 2 or 3 thanksgivings every year

  • That Josh, sooo [sic] witty.

  • Going home. Have always gone home. We’ll do Thanksgiving with my extended family group of over 50 relatives in Central PA and then to Pittsburgh for the everyone-actually-fits-around-one-table festivities with Mr. Redhead’s family on Friday. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I really won’t recognize Thanksgiving anymore when the day comes that we’re not gathering in groups of over 50 with hard-to-name cousins.

    Christmas is Christmas Eve in Pittsburgh and then Christmas day with my nuclear family.

    We will keep this up until we have small children who can’t travel so much. Then there’ll be hard decisions. We both love our families! I doubt they’d come to us. Our place is too small and there are too many other siblings to factor in (who mostly live in PA.)

  • Redhead, I’m typing this from my mom’s in Central PA. Small group for us this year, though.

    I sometimes stay in DC for either/or both Thanksgiving and Christmas. My neighbors or I usually do a big brunch on Christmas Day.

  • Since we moved to DC, we never travel for Thanksgiving….unfortunately, I have too many report cards to write:-( We have a wonderfully small Turkey Day at the house with my mother-in-law.

    For xmas, we alternate years of being here (mother-in-law & father-in-law in the DC area) and going up to Syracuse & Albany, NY.

    GO ORANGE!!!.

  • I forgot to mention that I love the cranberry set!

  • I hope that as long as my parents are with us, I will be going to their house for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love spending those two holidays with them and this year was the first time my mom let me help make some of the food with her. I brought home two friends whose parents were too far for them to travel to this year so it was a lot of fun!

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