SimplySoles Opens Up at 1438 Park Road, NW


SimplySoles opened up in this new spot on Nov. 1st. I spoke with owner, Kassie Rempel, who said she picked this spot because the area has developed into a shopping destination and it is has great parking options (being so close to the DCUSA mall) as well as being very convenient to her Mt. Pleasant home. She looked into opening up a spot in Mt. Pleasant but it didn’t offer the commercial hub she was looking for.

Rempel’s shoes come from Italy, Brazil and Spain. Additionally, she offers her own line called the Lilly Bee Collection. Shoes start at $125 and up. The store also features handbags and children’s shoes. SimplySoles is offering a 24 Hour Internet sale today where everything is 40% off.

Owner Kassie Rempel:


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  • Lunch hour on-line shopping for me today!

  • That’s a little more than I usually pay for shoes, but they are so cute and so close that I am sure I will be a regular customer.

  • I was glad to see this store open up in an otherwise shabby block of Park Rd. Hope they do well here. Also, her comments about Mt. Pleasant not providing an adequate commercial hub help to confirm my fears that Mt. Pleasant seems to be in a rut, economically speaking, while the neighborhoods around it (Columbia Heights, in particular) seem to be flourishing. There was a story in the Post about this not too long ago.

  • Great another shoe store for my wife to spend all my money in.

  • while I am truly excited to see this short, but nasty, stretch of park get some new investment, i can’t help but think that the price tag of these shores are not going to attrach too many in the local community, esp given the economy right now. i hope they make it, but at prices that steep, i wonder who is going to shop there?

  • OK, I just checked out the “internet sale” — prices are fair, but the sizes are extremely limited.

    So I thought I would see if I could walk over to the shop tonight. No store hours are posted. I think the premise is to have a nice, affordable shop to do an internet business out of (but good luck finding your shoe size there…..)

    Also, why are there no half sizes? That is a pretty basic requirement, I mean look at stores for men like Alden shoes — so many measurements for each dimension of your little tootsies.

  • Lovely gorgeous shoes. I’d love to support this local shop, but unfortunately my budget only allows DSW shopping. 🙁

  • saf

    I would buy these shoes. However, this is another store where the shoes only come in medium. Much like the rest of me, my feet are not medium. Haven’t been since I was 10 or so.

    So, it’s another store where I can’t buy shoes. Hmph.

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