Rowhouse Fire On Quebec Near 10th Street

Fall Fire, originally uploaded by jamietre.

I’ve been getting a number of emails about lots of smoke and fire trucks on Georgia Ave. Anyone down there – know the scoop?

If anyone has photos please email [email protected] Will update as soon as I get more details.

From a reader:

“There is some kind of big fire in petworth maybe near spring and ga ave? Smoke all over the place and multiple firetrucks. We could smell the smoke in my house and it sort of permeated the neighborhood… When we looked out our kitchen window it seemed to be billowing out of some building in the spring road area? There’s nothing on the news…”

Updated: Farmfreshmeat took some photos. (See above). It was a house fire on Quebec near 10th Street.
Updated 2: NBC Washington is reporting: “A body has been found inside a building fire…in the 1000 block of Quebec Place.”

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  • The activity is at the intersection of 10th and Spring — not sure what it is though.

  • she intersection of spring and georgia does not exist.

  • The fire was on Quebec Street between 10th and 13th.

    Pictures on my blog:

  • Thanks for the pics Jamie, the Mrs called this morning as we live on quebec Place. the owner is a packrat, house is gutted. No reports of injuries though I think our friends cat didnt make it. The mayor was around this morning too, for some reason.

  • Does anyone have the address of that fire? It looks to be almost immediately across the alley from our house.

  • Should be 1034 Quebec Pl if I can count right (from the house in one of the pics, 1046).

  • Ah, so it was on the south side of the street. Well, I hope the reports of “no injuries” are true. RIP, kitty.

  • Walked right by there this morning around 8:00am on the way to the Metro, which is when all the fire trucks were showing up. Hope everybody’s alright.

  • There was a dog in the basement in a cage that did not make it. It was alive when they found it but charred and bleeding from the mouth. Poor pup. The houses next door both have a lot of damage. The one to the left had a wall knocked down for access. Thank God for the brave firemen who saved it from spreading too far.

  • From Muriel Bowser on the listserv:

    “Neighbors- I am sorry to inform you that there has been a terrible fire in the 1000 Block of Quebec PL NW. Three homes involved and very sadly one fatality has been reported. All affected are being aided by appropriate agencies and the scene being secured. I know we share in the sadness of this loss of life. Muriel”

  • Some additional info from WUSA9

    WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)–An adult woman was found dead inside a house that was almost totally destroyed by fire in the 1000 block of Quebec Place NW,

    DC Fire and EMS spokesperson Alan Etter says that the woman was found inside the home when firefighters were conducting a search of the 2 story rowhouse.

    Etter said that it was too early to know what had caused the fire and there were no other injuries.

    The fire also caused significant damage to two other houses.
    written by (NEWS NOW

  • Vonstallin

    hey neighbors…
    I live across the street from this (1000 block of Quebec Pl).
    It the worst fire I have seen in all my years in DC.
    I was walking down my steps and heard the trucks coming so i open my front door to see a somewhat small fire in the front window. As i step on the porch

    I noticed that it wasnt a small fire but a raging fire that had yet to burst out the front window. The Fire Team was very very good at getting ahold of this raging fire. I didnt know what to do I filmed some of it with my camera phone, and then the fire got worst. My neighbors and I stood in disbelief.

    It took 120 Firemen to put this out…shock is an understatement. Everyday I open my front door I see the Police and Fire Dept still outside. (structure isnt sound).

    I went to work, but felt down. Even b4 it was confirmed, i knew my neighbor was dead.


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