Red Derby Having A Star Wars Fest Tonight

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From an email:

“This Monday — Nov. 17th — we’re gonna be having a Star Wars extravaganza… on the big screen, with sound on, we’ll be showing the trilogy … A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi…

Also, every Monday … we’re doing 1/2 priced burgers ….”

Red Derby is located at 3718 14th St. NW.

So I guess I should ask – which is the best Star Wars movie?

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  • Empire Strikes Back is by far the best of the original trilogy. Cloud City, Hoth, Yoda, Lando, Bobba Fett… cinematic space opera doesnt get any better.

  • No question that Empire is the best.

    I refuse to recognize the three new movies.

  • Third vote for Empire. While I recognize the other 2 (I don’t consider the “prequels” part of Star Wars unfortunately) Empire rules for all the above reasons including Han Solo being frozen in carbon. Awesome!

  • Empire Strikes Back wins the World Cup.

  • While it is common knowledge that Empire is totally the best of the trilogy, I have to say that Jedi is the most exciting: I mean, there’s the final battle and…Ewoks! So, there is that. You can make an argument for the first since it is (for practical reasons) the only one that can truly be called a self-contained story from beginning to end.

  • “Empire Strikes Back” the best? You all’ve been watching “Clerks” too much.

  • I just wish I could have been around to experience what it was like seeing these movies for the first time! In a period when CGI was not the norm for every blockbuster film to be released, and an old shoe could be used as the prop to make a spaceship!

  • Kalia: I saw Star Wars at a theater in Houston (that later collapsed) where I was almost trampled to death by my fellow 3rd graders — luckily I only escaped with a slightly torn terrycloth shirt.

    Saw Empire on Galveston Island at a theater than got blown away in a hurricane (Alica in 1983).

    A theme seems to be developing…

  • Ewoks killed the franchise, in my humble.
    Bloody hippy communist teddy-bears…

  • Yeah Intangible! Ewoks were supposed to be Wookies!

  • Empire is the best simply due to the awesome opening battle on Hoth. The still excites me in every sense of the word 25 years after I first saw it (give or take). But the first and third movies are way way cool too. And the prequels do not exist in my worldview.

    And Ewoks are just fine! Back off!! Yub yub!!

  • I think Triumph the Insult Comic Dog plans on being out front to “welcome” the participants

  • anonymouse: i guess i shouldn’t wear my outfit then…

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