Puppy Found in Petworth

IMG00100, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

From a reader:

“Found the pup on New Hampshire and Buchanan. People can reach me at [email protected] I had no way to keep the dog past today-so I left a FOUND notice with Animal Control, had them pick him up. If the owners don’t get him in 5 days, they will neuter him, vaccinate him, and put him up for adoption. I really want him to get home and am so sorry I couldn’t keep him longer.”

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  • Good Dogger.

  • Thanks for taking responsibilty for this very cute dog, we’re hoping his owner finds him and if not that he gets into a loving home…you’re the hero of the day for doing this … makes Petworth a better place.

  • He is adorable 🙂

  • Does anyone have tips on who they recommend to give a lost pet to? I visited the city’s Animal Control shelter in Baltimore once and it was quite sad. I don’t know anything about DC’s shelter, does anyone else know? My first instinct would be to give a dog like this to a rescue group, or do rescue groups get their pets from animal control? hmm…

  • Washington Animal Rescue League on Oglethorpe NE right across North Capitol Street/ Blair Road, 5 minutes from petworth, is a wonderful no-kill shelter. But I’m not sure if it’s full. They seem to have a lot of dogs, who they take good care of, walk, etc. We once almost adopted a cat from there until someone else got him. You’d think you were adopting a child. Hope this nice dog gets a home; we already have 4 cats.

  • I will adopt this dog if he is still available. How can I get in touch with the correct people to do this?

  • The pup saga continues…we located the owner but Animal Control told him they don’t have the pup! The owner is going to NY Ave today to look for himself. Today is the deadline, otherwise he’ll have to qualify to adopt his own pet! And pay fees he may not be able to afford. Anyone can get the pup at that point.The most important thing is that SOMEONE gets him before too long.This dog is super cute, playful, and friendly.

    From what I learned from calling the Humane Society, all dogs must go through Animal Control, and then they are distributed to the various shelters. I’m not sure how to endure that found animals are given to no-kill facilities though.

  • Any word on what happened to this fellow?

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