Washington, DC

Yup, Another Shooting

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Thanks to all who have sent me emails about the shooting that took place Friday night around 11:30pm at Taylor and Marlboro Streets, NW. I actually live relatively near by and my neighbors are telling me that around 15-20 shots were fired. Lovely.

City Paper has the details.

They report:

“On the sidewalk in front of 4016 Marlboro Place NW, a bicycle lay on its side beside a pool of blood. Cops were combing the street. The house windows were dark. According to Lieutenant Trippi of the MPD, a single shooter opened fire on two* men shortly after 11:30 p.m. One man was shot in the leg; the other sustained an unspecified number of gun wounds to the head.”

I’ve seen a number of MPD officers walking around – hopefully their presence will stop the inevitable retribution…


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