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  • It, for lack of a better word, sucks. It continues to exist only because of it’s location.

  • I would guess that 90% of their customers are tourists. I’ve eaten there before – it wasn’t that bad, but completely unmemorable. There are so many better places to eat here I see no reason to go back.

  • I second PetworthRes. I went there on a first date more than five years ago. Have not been back since. It wasn’t bad. it wasn’t exceptionally good. It was just blah…

  • Agree with most – not bad, not great, and probably supported primarily by DC tourist trade…

  • Bland as all get out…

  • Bland and forgettable. I felt like everything my group got, I could have easily made just as well. The patio is nice, though…

  • They have a good shrimp pesto gnocchi, but annoyingly enough, they only serve it at lunch and not at dinner!

  • I always thought it was where the fat cats went to eat and get drunk before going to Royal Palace.

  • It sucks. I ate there once with family from out of town, because of it’s location. Previous posters are most likely right: location and tourists.

  • You’ve obviously never been to the Royal Palace (which is a good thing). No fat cats there…not at all.

  • I had brunch at La Tomate about 20 years ago when it was still new — and my hair still had color! The food then was so mediocre I decided it did not warrant a return visit. I gather from the comments not much has improved in the intervening years.

  • re: enus gobunger: You are mistaken about the Royal Palace. Next time you go, look on top of the stage…

  • I recoil in horror as I walk by Tomate. I have never had a good meal there (out of an N of 2) and I frequently sell it as “the worst restaurant in DC.” Different tastes, I guess…

  • Took the family there about 9 years ago. All I remember is…. well, there was nothing really to remember. The fact that I never went back is enough to know how much of an impression it made on me.

  • I thought it was a nice outdoor space to eat or have a drink or meet someone before going out when I lived 2 blocks away. I had a low income and didn’t go out for meals often, though.

  • Back in high school when we used to go to the head shop around the corner to buy a new bong (R.I.P. Earthworks), we ended up in La Tomate for some reason. Being young, stupid, and high, we read the menu and asked the server, “What’s prosciutto?” To which the waiter replied, “It is…eh…the prosciutto” and left. The service kinda went downhill after that.

  • Good lord, YUCK, absolutely not. More like Stinky Tomate.

  • had gnocchi there a couple of weeks ago – except it wasn’t gnocchi. had the consistency of stuffing. didn’t taste bad, but I didn’t finish the dish. their buffalo moz also wasn’t memorable.

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