Dear PoP – Where Do I Live?

“I’m writing because I live in a spot that has no clear neighborhood identity. It’s kind of North Petworth/East Brightwood/West Fort Totten. I’ve seen some maps that call it Manor Park but nobody knows where that is.  Where do I live?  My address is the 5200 block of N. Capitol Street NW.”

These questions are always quite difficult to answer.  I decided to consult famed mixologist, Franz Heffenauer, who’s lived in DC well over 3 years.   Yeah, he didn’t know either.   I would say, since you are south of Kennedy Street, that you live in Northern Petworth.  However, I find it easier to say that you live in North Country.  North Country is a beautiful place that many folks in the city aren’t aware exists.  There are beautiful homes throughout North Country and all of the folks I’ve spoken with who live up there are fiercely proud of it.  But if your friends press you for a “proper” neighborhood, I’d go with North Petworth.

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  • I would like to know the same thing. I live on unit block of Crittenden St, NE. I like to call in East Petworth, or just the East Side. I have seen my address as Brookland, but my little area has more in common with Petworth, accept the dope dealers. Folks help me out!

  • You are south of Kennedy and west of North Capitol, so you are indeed a Petworthian! Good for you!

  • I’m right next to you on Hamilton St NW and according to the Real Property Assessment Database on I am listed as an official Petworthian, which I prefer to Northern Petworthian. 🙂

  • amy: don’t trust what the property assessment database says. if you lived on the 400 block of m street, nw, it would tell you that you live in old city #2. do you think that’s an actual neighborhood? of course not! that’s mt. vernon square. lesson here is that the property database just uses neighborhoods that the tax people have set up so they can organize their records. you can’t trust it otherwise.

  • oh boo to that! 🙁 I still consider it Petworth.

  • I’d say Petworth is a neighbrohood that is pretty well defined in the tax database. True, certainly, that not all are.

  • Ooops. That would be neighBORhood.

  • it’s all marketing, folks. cleveland park is also known as “north georgetown”. do your research.

    if you need something to “grab onto”, you have your pick.

    why do you need an identity so badly?

  • “why do you need an identity so badly?”

    Interesting question. I’d say that neighborhood identities serve a lot of purposes. I think it’s useful in terms of organizing against crime and nuisance issues, but also for economic development of an area, and for general sense of community and well being.

  • i should have been more clear, amy. i’d agree that you’re in petworth, but i just want to make sure that people realize the tax database isn’t the end-all and be-all of neighborhood-ness.

  • IMGoph, no hard feelings for sure and I appreciate the additional info. Besides it’s not often that I get to use the word boo.

  • sorry to be a dope, but what exactly is north country? b/c i think i might live there – 7th and jefferson?

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