A Bit Counterproductive, No?


I found this in a gas station. It is one of those energy drinks that I imagine truckers may drink if they can’t find mini thins. Ed. Note: I have a funny mini thins story for you that I’ll happily share in person at the PoP two year anniversary party tomorrow at Wonderland. The photo’s a little blurry but you can kind of make out that this particular bottle is decaf. Kind of defeats the purpose I’d imagine…

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  • Wow, you’re right, that IS pretty counterproductive. Why bother at that point?

    I’m also curious as to how they determined that you get FIVE hours of energy out of that little bottle?

    Ah, mini thins … I haven’t seen those since college. I don’t suppose they’re around anywhere anymore, are they? 🙂

  • Those provide energy through an overdose of Vitamin B as well as caffeine. So, it is only somewhat counterproductive.

  • houseintherear

    Plus, Vit B typically takes 2 weeks of a daily dose to actually “soak in” and work… so you’d have to already be taking Vit B supplements, or have a large amount of Vit B in ya already.

    In conclusion: Counterproductive on almost all accounts. (Though I betcha the trucker still buy it.)

  • Counterproductive, unproductive, whatever. Its a “dietary supplement” which means that it doesn’t have to really substantiate any claims as long as they’re ambiguous enough. Perhaps “5 hours” was established after some focus group said that’s how long they’d want to stay alert from an energy drink.

  • Alright. What the bloody bastard hell are “mini thins”?

  • Back way in the day we used to call minithins “white crosses” We also had “pink hearts”

  • Oh man, I live on those damn things. 5-hr energy is about the only thing that keeps me going after a rugby game, and not a bad remedy for a hangover either.

  • Thanks Sully; ‘white crosses’ is more my native language……. not that I’d know, of course, erm……….. magnums & mountain dew, anyone?

  • And black beauties, definatley black beauties. I used to carry around my little victorian pill box with all the pretty colors. UHHHh.. I digress.

  • UGH, IntangibleArts that brings back horrible memories from middle/high school. A couple Yellow Jackets and a Jolt Cola was a recipe for much mischief in Southwest VA during my youth.

  • hello, Hav I dated any of ya; Feels like home. Ohh the memories.

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