Reader Request: Who Do You Support For The Upcoming DC Council Elections? Why?

“Would it be possible to get a blog debate sometime soon so that we can hear what everyone thinks of all the candidates running for the different DC positions?  Not a debate with the candidates themselves, obviously, but just to hear the readers opinions on them…  Everyone makes comments here and there, but there’s never really a lot of substance or support really.  Your blog has so many well read and intelligent people that I think it would be cool to give them the open forum to discuss the reasons they’re voting for who they are, while giving the opportunity to ask questions as well.”

So for your particular Ward and Council at Large which candidates have a platform that you most support?   What are the issues that are most important to you.  How did you decide who you were going to support?

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  • Maybe this isn’t very substantive but I find Michael Brown’s robo calls very annoying and a huge turn off.

  • I haven’t heard anything from any candidate that speaks to the stuff I care about. Namely, a reduction in nuisance crime and customer service attitude adjustments across several DC agencies (ie require they not insult and/or threaten you, and discourage blatant racism).

    Oh wait, either would wipe out the lazy and mediocre constituency of pretty much all DC Council members. I’ll just vote against Bowser and then scrawl senseless angry messages on the ballot. What’s the frequency Kenneth!!!!???

  • im really liking what i see of patrick mara so far…fiscal republican, social democrat…the best of both worlds 🙂

  • I see a lot of negative comments on this blog about Muriel Bowser and have to say I don’t understand. Every community meeting or ANC meeting I’ve gone to, she’s there. Every time I’ve written her office with a question I get an answer, usually within an hour. Her office was very involved when we were having big problems with drug dealing on my block (the residents eventually were evicted – declared a drug nuisance property). To me she follows in the same vein as Adrian Fenty in being very focused on constituent services. I also think she did very well with negotiating the beer & wine license for Yes! Organic Market in a way that got them the license they need to be successful, without alienating the residents who had pushed for the liquor license moratorium in the first place.
    So needless to say, I’ll be voting for Muriel Bowser!

  • Bowser doe snot stand up to the crime problems I see in my hood. I do not see her pushing the envelope on the schools. It is easy to ask for more cops or funding in response to the shootings or school issues. I want to see a councilwoman that finally stands up and points out the culprits of the problems in the schools and the neighborhoods. She seems more on the side of building more rec centers and funding more after school programs instead of addressing the REAL issue.

  • Also not too thrilled with Michael Brown’s robo-calls. I’ve received 5 so far, all of them right when I was eating dinner.

  • Perhaps this is petty, but I contacted Michael Brown’s office concerning the aforementioned robo-calls… They have also called on Sundays during… you know… Redskins games. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

  • David Schwartzman. We need a Green on the Council and someone who’s not completely beholden to corporations.

  • I’m backing David Schwartzman for the At-Large seat. He wants to implement Obama’s tax plan, fix the schools’ problems without their corporatization/privatization, and he has proactive solutions to the city’s crime problems. He also wants to create green-collar jobs in the District.
    I also like his plan to allow DC students to ride the Metro system for free. I guess I took for granted when I went to grade school the idea of riding a county-provided school bus out in the sticks (aka Brunswick, MD).
    Oh, yeah – and he’ll be an advocate for DC representation.

  • Pfft…robocalls. That’s what you get for owning a landline, y’know.

  • I view Bowser as mostly interested in the high-money development areas, so perhaps she pays more attention to Petworth. In my area I find DC gov’t agencies (ie DPR) totally unresponsive, lazy, rude, incompetent, etc., and Bowser unwilling and unable to change any of that. While my block and area is quiet, I know folks around Kennedy Ave who live in fear and repeatedly seek help, and are simply ignored and insulted with lip service by Bowser and staff. So, while I realize she’s got to prioritize it’d be against my self interest to vote for her. I could go on but will end it there, and note I’d probably gripe even if I lived in Petworth or somewhere else. I’m just not suited for this city, I realized that after only a decade here 😉

  • So, more on Bowser’s incompetence.

    A few weeks ago (maybe more), there was a discussion on here about pedestrian safety. I had posted a story about almost being hit by a city pickup truck and had indicated I was working through Bowser’s office to hold accountable to driver.

    My final communication from her office explained that “We know who the driver is and disciplinary actions have been taken according to the District personell rules and regulations which cannot be disclosed because of confidentiality. I apologize for not responding earlier.”

    Does this work for any of you? In light of recent corruption in the DC tax office, Metro, DC public schools, Marrion Barry’s never ending antics, etc, etc, etc, I don’t think that the aforementioned response is sufficient.

    In response to that email and once subsequently I have requested an opportunity to meet or speak with Bowser. Her office has simply not responded.

    Will I vote for Bowser? Absolutely not. Is she constituent minded? Sure, when it’s easy and when she wants to be. I agree with what has been said thus far, she doesn’t take on the difficult problems, crime, corruption, education, but from what I hear, if your trashcan is broken she’s the woman to call.

    I just wish there was a more viable option.

  • Does anyone have thoughts on Patrick Mara vs Jim Graham?

  • Mara is running against Schwartz for an At-large seat, right?

  • I voted Patrick Mara for Council-at-large. I can’t believe that people wouldn’t vote in a reform-minded Republicans after over three decades of near single-party rule. One would think that the solution to D.C.’s massive governmental mismanagement is to not give a political blank check election after election to the same party and the same gang of idiots. DC needs more people of the opposite party challenging the political status quo on crime, education, development, transit, and quality-of-life issues.

  • I’ll be voting for Bowser. I like her and like what she has to say. And I’ll be voting for Schwartzman the Green candidate for at-large. Mara seems like a decent enough fellow. Good on urban and transit issues. And lots of people are voting for him, many whom I respect, but will not vote for anyone who calls himself a Republican anymore. Well not this year anyway. I don’t care what his positions are, he failed branding 101. And his support by downtown and developer interests does give me pause. Also, he ran a nasty smear campaign against Carol Schwartz who is the only local leader I’ve met personally.

  • Graham is not up for reelection.

    Mara is running for one of two at-large seats against Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, Dee Hunter, Mark Long, Carol Schwartz and David Schwartzman.

  • I also like Bowser. Any time that I have had an issue she has responded – more patrol of my ally due to petty crime (graffiti and garage break-ins), yes – need a new supercan after the trash people ran mine over, yes – movement on a dilapidated house on my block, yes. She is an advocate for Ward 4 – both for constituents needs and for growth and new business.

  • “And lots of people are voting for him, many whom I respect, but will not vote for anyone who calls himself a Republican anymore. Well not this year anyway. I don’t care what his positions are, he failed branding 101.”

    He worked for Linc Chafee; that’s about as old-school Republican as you can get. Its certainly better than voting for Democrats masquerading as independents.

  • i think its pretty dumb to not vote for a rebuplican just because hes a republican. thats along the same lines as voting for a candidate just because your *blank* is (dad, sister, preacer, dentist, whomever)…ignorant. i agree with boomhauer on the check and balance issue. i do think that dc is in such a rut because of such one sided leadership for so long. im voting for obama because i believe he will be the change we need, and im voting patrick mara for the same reason.

  • cupcake,
    Indeed Bowser is good at the easy issues. But honestly, you should not even have to contact your councilperson over a trash can. Or crime in the alley. She should be the one you contact to stop the crime in the alley. Not for patrols.
    I remember asking Bowser about DC’s reaction to the Supreme Court ruling.

    Remember at the time, DC passed very restrictive laws that were eventually loosened due to a 2nd lawsuit. Bowser stated that she thought the city’s new policy was correct. It is this asinine refusal to acknowledge the real issue. In her eyes, it is always the government can do more instead of pointing out the real source of the problem. She’ll vote for more rec center funding before she attacks the problem. Her audition is over.

  • I find bowser to be incredibly unresponsive. I lived in Ward 1 for 10 years and Jim Graham was almost always helpful, or if not, at least he would listen! Bowser’s done nothing for the ward.

    last I heard, the Yes Foods issue wasn’t settled yet. Can’t get an answer from Bowser’s office, but Graham’s committee is holding a hearing on it.

    I like David Schwartzman, and will probably write in Carol Schwartz.

    Michael Brown is littering the neighborhood with useless flyers. Plus my last recollection of him is that he was convicted for some sort of fraud problem, wasn’t he?

  • christopher and boomhauer I agree as well, voting or not voting based on a person’s declared party title is silly. Thats why are party system is all f’d right now anyways…too many people feeling that they have to be so far left or so far right to get their constituants. Just vote for the things you agree with not because someone calls themself a dem or a repub….that is just plain ignorance and is a huge problem.

    also this Christopher/christopher thing is getting really confusing and I liked it better when Christopher was inaudible nonsense and the only posting christopher was my roommate who more than often called me out for various reasons…just like it was so much less confusing when there was only one nate… but I guess not everyone was born with the luxuary of having a fairly uncommon name that no one can pronounce correctly.. :\

  • With the exception of Patrick Mara, why can’t we have better candidates?

  • I don’t need Bowser to show up at every meeting in Ward 4. I’d prefer that she spend some time understanding the legislation that comes from the committees to which she is assigned, so that she can offer an informed response when constituents ask her questions. She frequently ignores queries, and only after constituents get fed up and publicly vent, she’ll offer “We’re very concerned and we’re looking into it.”

    No, she isn’t about constituent services, when she doesn’t concern herself with issues in her own communty, because that’s not where the affluence is at in Ward4.

    Michael Brown only shows up during campaign season, so what is he actually bringing to the table besides name recognition?

  • Damn you liberal, pot smokin’ hippies!!!

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