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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Rant: Don’t know when kids will start showing up for trick-or-treating tonight. Just want to do an hour of it.

    Rave: It’s Halloween. Yay! candy!

  • anyone know if mount pleasant is closing a street for halloween again this year for a block party? Also do they close 18th st on halloween?

  • Rant: Why do some women insist on wearing tank tops at inappropriate times, such as when it’s 30 degrees outside.

    Rave: Halloween is fun! Woo Hoo

  • Rave:Why do some women insist on wearing tank tops at inappropriate times, such as when it’s 30 degrees outside.

  • I think they still close M Street on Halloween? But I think there is some sort of rule about closing 18th street. maybe because it would be practical to do so?

  • Question related to the previous post: I live in your standard 1920s Petworth Rowhouse-is the wall between the kitchen and the dining room generally load bearing? I see a tun of these houses with pass-throughs between the dining room and kitchen but rarely is the whole wall removed. Will my house fall down if I remove it?

  • Rant: LATE GODDAMN BUSES!!! BURN WMATA BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • if the wall is removed a beam must be put up for support. In my home their were also radiator pipes and a thermostat that needed repositioning. Any contractor in these parts knows how to work on these houses though. But if you are asking if you can start swinging a sledge hammer at your wall like they do in home improvement shows. the answer is. do not do that.

  • Rant: the greenline metro day before yesterday at about 6:00 stopped at Petworth, but the doors didn’t open.

    Rave: Friday.

  • rant: in a bad mood today, and i love halloween! must rally.

    rave: i’m excited about my first petworth halloween. what’s it like? i’m way north. do we get trick or treaters? i’m in a condo, but i’ll sit on the front step with a bucket of candy if there are trick or treaters. and what time do they start?

  • Rant: My kilt needs to be ironed.

    Revel: Its halloween, so I have yet another excuse to stumble merrily through the hood in scottish garb.

  • yayayyayayayaay Halloween! And my costume’s ready to go, so I wont’ be scrounging last minute!

  • Rant: Dog sitting in the ‘burbs and won’t be doing much tonight.

  • Rant: I’m not sure I can even think of anything to rant about!

    Revel: I can’t think of anything to rant about! And its Halloween and I’m going to M Street and I heard its not going to be freezing cold tonight!!! WOOOO

    Halloween should be a monthly thing.

  • I don’t have a costume! Help!

  • Rave: It’s so cold outside that people have gone indoors. Thus I stand a chance of going outside without being harassed or assaulted.

  • Rant: teens sans costumes knocking on my door at 10pm (or even later.)

    Rave: toddlers in costumes!

  • Rave: A beautiful Friday with the day off of work.

    Rant: Spending said day working on a paper for school and fixing things around the house.

    Rave: Getting that s**t done today makes for a superior weekend.

  • @David: I was on that train too, don’t know what that was all about!

    Rant: Kids without costumes, I mean really, is it so hard to cut two eye holes in a sheet?

    Rave: I am wearing my bee costume to work today and I love making people smile! Happy halloween!

  • Rave: Caught sight of a bumblebee and something furry with a tail across the street as I looked out my window this morning (does that need clarification that these were children in costumes?)

    Rant: no costume again this year, oh well

  • Petworth & Fellow–I was on that damn train too! About had a panic attack, but luckily my car was still on the platform so we weren’t in total darkness.

    Rant: I’m sick! On Halloween! And no one is coming to the Halloween party we’re throwing at my house.

    Rave: B/c I’m sick I’m going home early…so I can help decorate for said party.

  • Whoops, I mean David & Fellow…

  • Rave: I have super awesome, super hot costume this year!

    Rant: I have no one to hang out with. *Sniff*

  • Rave: Free burritos at Chipotle if you “dress like a burrito,” namely wear any foil on your body!!! There is nothing — NOTHING — better than a free burrito!

    Rant?: My stupid friends want to go to Virginia tonight. I hate that terrible state. But, a few of us are planning mutiny to get out to H St. before the night is over.

  • Rant: I haven’t even carved my jack-o-lantern yet, what am I doing here posting on PoP?

    Rave: I have a really cool costume this year.

  • I have to say I find it absolutely amazing that in DC you don’t have to worry about some kids smashing your pumpkin on the street, but the damned squirrels!!! First they steal the lids, then they nibble pock marks all over the face of it! Would it be wrong to poison my pumpkins next year?

  • dont have to worry about kids smashing pumpkins? yr kidding right?

  • Rachel- what is your costume….? maybe you can hang out with me

  • New Rave: When I step off the metro at night, there are mystery PoPers surrounding me! Okay, since there are at least three of us here from the mystery train whose doors didn’t open for Petworth, does anybody know if there is a greenline team leader e-mail, like there is for the red line?

  • Rant: I spent all night carving a Jack O’ Lantern but maybe didn’t submit it for the contest in time.

    Rave: A berry nice Co-worker just brought me a delicious smoothie from Beveragemania!

  • Rant: Went to Chipotle for lunch, didn’t know about dressing as foil and getting free burrito. Couldn’t figure out why all little hoodlums were there dressed in foil. DAMN. Hoodlums are smarter than me.
    Rant: Due to family member death, seriously behind in graduate schoolwork. In crisis management mode. Don’t like that mode. Like smooth operator mode better.
    Rant: Due to said slipping in classes, NO halloween preparations are complete. No decorations, no pumpkin, no costumes, no fun. I love the ‘ween too. Doing homework tonight with intermittent interruptions from trick-or-treaters.
    Rave: I didn’t freeze my tail off this afternoon. It’s quite nice outside!

  • rant: getting hands gunky and stunky because wife thinks carving pumpkins is fun.

    rave: getting tickets for the smashing pumpkins @ DAR because SP rock

  • Rant: Is it just me or have there been more muggings lately? I know of 3 in the past month or so near my place (Taylor St.). It’s making me kind of nervous…

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