Petworth Halloween Dog Walk and Costume Contest

My favorite dog at Tri City Dog Park Halloween Contest, originally uploaded by Scott Butner.


From an email:

“Those of us on the Petworth Dogs listserv would like to invite all our neighbours to the:

Petworth Dog Walk Halloween (flier)
a costume celebration of dogs and owners
Wednesday, October 29, 7pm @ Domku

Contestants – meet at the Clark School @ 6:30pm (7th and Alison) to wear out your favorite pooch, before suiting them up in a great costume. From there, we’ll walk our bedazzled best friends down to Upshur Street where they’ll be judged on:

  • Best Doggie Costume – the classic, dress ’em up!
  • Best Twins – celebrating how dogs and owners can look alike
  • Best Trick – Costume or not, show your dog’s skills

The Domku patio will be the reviewing stand and the post-parade party spot.

Feel free to print out copies of our flier and take them with you when you’re out walking through Petworth. When you see a dog + owner, hand them a flier and encourage them to come out as a participant or observer.

A special thanks to our sponsors: Domku, Brighter Days, Little Rascals, and Yoga House Studio, and the Petworth Dogs listserv for making this happen.

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  • I can’t help but wonder what the inner monologue of a costumed dog is? That being said, best of luck to all the contestants. I’m sorry to say that my own pup is back home with my bro but I have much love for all dogs; all dogs but welsch corgis that is… I can’t stand those dirty, dependent little animals so willing to trade unconditional love for canned food that, to be honest, I find a little salty. And the owners! have you met them? its as if they exchanged brains at the pet shop.

  • Hey Folks–don’t forget to come by tonight! It’s a great chance to meet your neighbors and have a good time.

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