I’ve Seen A Bunch of Boliva Flags Displayed Lately

DSCN3167, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Is it their independence day?

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  • Bolivia is undergoing some political turmoil. Might be a solidarity thing.

    (recent developments: http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSTRE4950NT20081006)

  • that ain’t no bolivian flag (this is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Bolivia)…the scribbling on the bottom is referencing the Cruz de Bolivia….the Bolivian Cross..maybe simon bolivar?

  • I vote that it’s for a Bolivian faction

  • The white and green is the department of Santa Cruz in Bolivia (though I’m unfamiliar with the crest), so its likely a solidarity thing. The conflict that is, essentially, the lowland more resource rich populations (mainly Santa Cruz, but including other departments) versus highland, largely poorer indigenous, populations. It’s considerably more complicated than that, but I think its fair to say this person is repping for a side, likely the Cruceños (though I could be wrong since the crest isn’t part of the Santa Cruz flag).

  • Yeah, that’s definetly not the Bolivian national flag. I agree with TJ – It’s a cruceno support thing, I think.

  • TJ is exactly right — I was living in Cochabamba in 2005 when Evo Morales become the nation’s first indigenous President, and would add that the conflict plays out in the broader context of indigenous peoples (who make up a majority of Bolivia’s population) finally achieving greater political power and coming into conflict with the people who have historically held and benefitted from it. There are also a lot of interesting economic, governance, and equity isssues that have arisen as they attempt to rewrite their Constitution. Unfortunately, the situation there right now is getting ugly and there have been a few violent incidents. While I’m not familiar with the crest, it’s posted on Santa Cruz’s wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Cruz_de_la_Sierra) as one of the department’s symbols.

  • I learn so much here.

  • hmm. i just watched “Our Brand Is Crisis” on DVD from netflix last weekend, about how James Carville’s political consulting company was hired by some rich candidate for the Bolivian presidency to try to get him reelected. They were successful in getting him elected, just barely, but he failed to follow through on anything he promised and was sacked and run out of the country two months after his inauguration. he lives in georgetown now. interesting movie.

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