Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this house at 2027 13th Street says:

“LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! This Amazing Renovated Victorian Townhome is steps to the Lincoln theater, numerous restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, and METRO!!! This is an Entertains’s Dream Kitchen. 3 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths w/ basement inlaw suite. PARKING!! Roof Terrace with Stunning views of Sunsets over the Washington Monument.”

More info and virtual tour found here.

Now I’m not going to lie to you. This seems expensive as hell. So forget whether it’s a good deal or not at the asking price of $1,247,500. But the photos are amazing. It looks like it was a total renovation. So I’m really curious to know what you think about the renovation?

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  • The reno is whatever. If you’re going to put that much money into it, why put in the giant duct central air instead of those little tubes? I hate the look of the ducts, and the smaller kind just fits inside plaster walls so you don’t have to change the shape of anything.

  • “Entertains’s Dream Kitchen”?

  • I Can Haz Master Bathroom?

    It’s definitely someone’s dream home, but not mine. I needs a backyard with space to have my doggie run on a lawn and space to grow veggies.

    Also, is the entire first floor in shades of red and pink? Or is it my monitor.

  • great renovation, but for who and why? It seems over-renovated. Again, at most worth $1.1 million and I am tempted to suggest it’s worth more like $1.05 million.

  • What’s up with those bathrooms? It’s like George Jetson meets the Roman Coliseum?

    Bah humbug. I’ll keep my million safely in my 401k.

  • Definitely an awesome house. my only knock is that the living room looks really small. there is a big emphasis on outdoor living space, but the weather is disgusting in DC for so much of the year. Also, kind of ridiculous that they call it dupont.

  • Looks like someone over renovated during the good years… It’s nice, but with the condo competition around there, yikes. No way they’ll get that.

  • Obviously priced way above market (and there are two that will probably be similar to it being renovated right next door). I don’t like the tactic of obviously over pricing a home when you put it up for sale (don’t know if the blame goes to the agent or the seller). This blog featured another house on T street b/n 13th and 14th a while ago that was also overpriced and over $1m, and they’ve since dropped it by 100k and it still hasn’t sold.

    My point is that they’re going to end up dropping the price by 10-20% before they get any bidders and, really, that is a substantial drop when you are talking about a $1m+ house. So while they are sitting 20% or a little over $200k above what a fair opening price would be (not what they would get, just a fair opening price), this house isn’t even showing up on potential buyers’ radar screens because its priced above their range.

    Its a disservice to the seller, b/c they aren’t going to sell for this price, and potential buyers that may fall in love with it won’t even see it for another month or two or however long it takes to for them to lower the price to a realistic number. And by that time, they’ve potentially missed out on a number of buyers, and maybe lengthened the amount of time this property will ultimately be on the market.

    As for the proper price that this place should be listed for? $950k, and then it’ll sell for around $899, because the bathrooms (and the, albeit easily changeable, current color scheme) are hideous.

  • Overpriced – especially in this market. Even with the potential rental income and the parking. The finishes for the kitchen and baths are not to my taste and some seem a bit dated but maybe that is just me.

  • Am I the only person who likes to have storage space under my bathroom sinks? I totally don’t get the popularity of pedestal type sinks in bathrooms other than the daintiest of powder rooms. Where else are you going to keep the spare TP and mouthwash???

  • I think it seems priced about right. The finishes are a little too custom and as such may not appeal to a broad segment of the the market. 2 decks, parking, gourmet kitchen, butlers pantry, au pair apartment, super high end finishes, and all of it within walking distance to metro and all U street has to offer. Probably close to 1100 square feet on each floor? Thats around $350 a sq foot which I think is comparable to some condos being sold in that area…

  • Nice house, bad price. The realtor is really doing a disservice to the seller. If they had tried this price at the start of the summer I might have excused it, but now going into the fall and winter at this price….greedy realtor. It may sit on the market through the winter if they don’t drop the price considerably. Don’t forget the photos can make the house look likes bigger and these type houses aren’t nearly as big inside as these picture show.

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