Everyone Loves Obama, Even Former Houses of the Day


From a reader:

“Having been given the distinct honor of being named “House of the Day” not too long ago, we decided to share this with you all. We’ve joined our neighbors over at the Obama DC headquarters in showing a little Florida Avenue support.”

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  • I did notice yesterday that they took off the “bama” part and left just the O. Of course the O is readily identifiable, but I was curious why the “bama” disappeared.

  • Because our landlord is an oppressive Dick. He made us take it down.

  • Unfortunately, at the request of our landlord, we had to take the “bama” down. Fortunately for us, thanks to Prince of Petworth, we will continue to display it proudly in cyberspace.

  • yeah our landlord can pry the O from my cold, dead hands

  • if you’re paying your rent on time, how the hell can he tell you what you can or can’t put in your windows. seems like a good opportunity to tell him to shove it, honestly!

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