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  • yay yay yay the goulash rules!!

  • I ate there wednesday evening and thoroughly enjoyed the latkes
    However the cocktails are a bit pricey for what they are so I would stick to the beer menu where you can expect a decent selection at a decent price

  • love the selection of Baltika!!

  • I’m interested to try the vegetarian Swedish meatballs…and I’m not even vegetarian.
    I’m a big fan of their fish dishes and the kielbasa & sauerkraut. I always think their food is very high quality.

  • There may be hope for “Domku” after all… I had given up – although I soooo wanted to like it – but WILL be back for latkes (-:

  • Does this mean the pickled herring three ways, aka the best appetizer in DC, is no more?

  • The Grits Bake is still around for breakfast! Oh joy oh grits. If you haven’t tried it, try it! It’s my personal favorite, and an affordable breakfast at $5.

  • Nice atmosphere, but overpriced, small portions, and food quality is hit or miss. Particularly, their meat selection (like kielbasa) is horrible and not sourced properly in my humble Eastern European opinion. It tastes like randon local distributor, instead of sourcing it from NYC, Baltimore, or the recently opened Polish deli in Rockville.

  • I know that the kielbasa and other sausages come from a Polish deli in Baltimore. They taste great to me!

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