A Sign of the Apocalypse? (Warning: I’m going to compliment Ballston, VA)

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Believe me, I swear I never thought I’d ever post about Ballston, VA let alone post something nice…but damn they have some sweet bike parking outside the metro. I feel like they should build this feature in to all metro stations. Anyone ever see bike parking like this outside a metro in the District?

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  • Man, I hate Ballston with a passion, but I have to give em props.

  • eff ballston!

  • There’s actually covered bike parking outside Woodley Park Metro. Would be nice if this existed at other spots too.

  • you heard of the bike station they’re building outside union station?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ah right. I forgot, I got this from a reader:

    The striking glass and steel building will be located at the west end of Union Station, near Massachusetts Avenue and 1st St. NE. It will offer bicycle parking, rentals, repairs and retail accessories, all in one convenient location near an important transit hub. There will be space for approximately 150 bikes on 2-tier racks. The bike station will also accommodate recumbent bikes and tandems. Parking will cost $1 a day or $100 for an annual membership. The revenues are expected to offset the expense of operating the facility. Some free parking will remain near the new building. The cost of constructing the Bike Station is approximately $3 million, plus an additional $1 million for site work on the new plaza.

    The bicycle transit center is just one of many pedestrian and bicycle initiatives currently underway at DDOT:

    * The SmartBikeDC bike-sharing program, launched in August 2008, is off to a fast start. More than 775 people signed up in the first month and the program is averaging 136 trips a day.
    * DDOT is scheduled to install 7 miles of bike lanes on city streets by the end of 2008, more than any single year to date, bringing the total bike lane mileage in the District to 39.
    * 100 more bicycle parking racks are scheduled to be installed in the city by the end of the year bringing that total to 900.
    * The highly publicized Draft Pedestrian Master Plan was released earlier this year and is currently undergoing its final public review process. The plan recommends new traffic safety policies and roadway improvements to improve pedestrian safety and reduce the number of injuries and fatalities.
    * Now that school is back in session, DDOT representatives are visiting schools as part of the DDOT pedestrian/bicycle education program. This program looks to educate both children and adults on safe pedestrian and bicycle practices.

  • ah, the confederate states of america

  • I believe McCain’s brother recently called Arlington and Alexandria, “Communist Country”.

  • I’m a new Ballstonian–and I’m registered to vote in VA!! I live right next to a bike path that is well kept, safe, and can take me pretty much anywhere. Not to mention, that awesome bike parking area at the Ballston Metro stop. No need for the hateration towards VA, we’re headed to Blue soon (or communism depending on which version you listen to)–how about all you folks dismissing VA, volunteer for the Obama campaign in VA!

  • I live in Ballston (okay, it’s technically Cherrydale, but it’s a 15 min walk to the metro) and I hate it. There’s nothing there and it takes an hour to get to U St. Not to mention, rent for places semi-near the metro is higher than a lot of places in DC.

    Sorry for the rant, but I can’t help it. I really hate living here.

  • Nice, but obviously insufficient. They should at least triple the capacity it seems…

  • I think Obama will do well in Virginia, but I dont see him winning the state. The disdain that Virginians south ( and west, for that matter) have for Northern Va. is great, and I think, ironic. Why? It makes some of the folks residing in the latter think they are
    real “progressive”. I’ve always found Northern Va. kinda centrist to-ah-right….

  • NoVA is so white bread

  • i think ballston is lovely.


  • Alicia– you really hate Cherrydale? I lived for years just west of there in “Lee Heights,” but it was essentially the same area. Have you been to any of the shops over there? Randolph’s makes the best pretzels on Saturdays, the Parisian Express is delicious and way cheap (and super friendly), plus there’s a couple of other places. Sure, it’s not “hip and cool” like “U street”–but it’s nice for quiet walks and some friendly neighbors… Ballston does blow though.

  • Lizzy – I mean, it’d be great if I wanted to raise kids (I don’t have any), but I don’t have a car and trying to get into the city is pretty near impossible. I do take the bus, which isn’t far, but it still takes me an hour. I’ve been to the shops at Lee Heights, which are okay (but I haven’t had the pretzels on Saturdays – I’ll have to check it out). The neighbors are friendly (one even mowed our lawn because she thought we didn’t have a lawn mower), but I’d be happier even in courthouse, clarendon or pentagon city – there’s more to do and it’s much easier to get into the city.

  • GforGood, they are expanding capacity in Ballston. http://www.bikearlington.com/ballstonbikecenter.cfm

    I lived in Ballston for a couple months this summer. It wasn’t exciting, but it was convenient–I was working at Tysons Corner and don’t own a car. It was the best balance between an easy commute to work and the ability to visit friends in DC. There are great bike trails to DC and Alexandria and other places. And it was pleasant to be able to walk to a supermarket, a free bouldering wall, a great library, and a bunch of restaurants. Not to mention the CARVEL, which was awesome (but not awesome for my thighs).

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