The ArtWalk is Pretty Cool

DSCN3146, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I never gave it much thought but last time I walked through it I took a few moments to check out the art. I dig it. It’s located where the old convention center used to be. Next time your downtown check it out.


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  • I dislike the walk, though I am sure art is neat and all. However, the juxtaposition of it over a platoon of homeless drunks is a bit much. And, keeping the primest downtown acreage as a parking lot and ‘general purpose’ lot for so long is silly. The art makes you look up and ignore the screaming improprieties surrounding it!

  • one of the lamest excuses for public art in the city.

  • the “art walk” is the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen. it’s basically a pass through doe a big parking lot – there’s nothing nice about the walk. installing astroturf and glitter do nothing to deflect from the nasty drunk bums who sleep all day and all night throughout the “art walk”. can’t wait till it’s all torn down and city center (i think that’s the name for the new development?) is developed.

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