Sweet Half Bath Renovation

powder room finished

From the same home that brought you this week’s sweet kitchen renovation. Incidentally, if you don’t have a half bath on your first floor floor how many people recommend having one added? What’s the approximate cost of adding a half bath from scratch? After the jump check out the before photo.

powder room before

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  • WOW, that before picture is horrible. Not a fan of the new toilet seat though.

  • Love it! That’s quite a rennovation!

  • Depending on, who does the tear out, and whether you are using existing pipe placement or not, as well as what fixtures are picked, it is in the neighborhood of 7k-9k from start to finish. If there is no half bath at all that exists on the first floor than it will be more. However this is easily recouped during resale as it allows you to stand out from other houses where your guests would either have to go upstairs or to the basement to use the facilities.

  • That before bathroom was quite clinical. Yikes!

  • A big question is whether you have room for it, my first floor could use a half-bath but the only way it’d fit is if I constructed a bump-out on the back or side for $40K or so.

  • A main-floor turlet is a must-have. Mine is so tiny you have to go outside to change your mind, but I looove it. Can’t say I recommend having one added, because I don’t know what kind of trauma is involved, but I definitely recommend buying a house with one already there.

  • That “before” pic was NASTY. Love the new light fixtures in the “after”

  • Believe me and I speak from experience, add a half bath on the first floor. It will be worth it in the long run for a ton of reasons. If you stay in the house forever, growing old, the steps will get harder and harder to climb. Or worse, you or someone you love/live with becomes disabled for some reason, you will need a bathroom and finally, if you plan on selling – add the half bath. Trust me on this one. I have experienced two of the three and I am not old.

  • The layout of my rowhouse basically leaves the ONLY place to add a half would be under the stairs that go up to the second floor. But then the half bath would be right off the dining room.

    What’s better, no half bath on the main floor or one that’s right off the dining room??

  • Off the dining room is WAY better than off the kitchen like mine is….I can literally sit on my toilet and brew a cup of coffee. But, it’s still better to have one strangely situated than not have one at all in my opinion. Although, when I have guests I always encourage them to go upstairs “if they need privacy.” Ain’t no amount of air freshener gonna make a kitchen feel right after it’s been polluted by the aromas of an adjacent crapper – same thing probably goes for a dining room.

  • Nice job bringing the plumbing under control and making the most of a small space. Not making the pages of Architectural Digest, but certainly an improvement in every way.

    Oh, and get the half bath. Keep it simple, and if you don’t have crazy plumbing needs or other unique challenges, you can bring it in under 5k (that’s what ours cost).

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