Sunken Row Home


I thought this was a bit wild. You actually have to walk down some steps to get into the first floor of this home. I’ve never seen a house like this before. Sweet welcome sign though…


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  • I look at that house and I think: flooding. I would be stressed out everytime it rains.

  • A couple of the houses on the 1700 block of Seaton St. require you to step down to get in the front door. Nothing quite as dramatic as that one appears to be though.

  • There is a pair of small ones like this on Independence at Eastern Market – though not sunk as deep. I think of flooding as well.

  • It looks as if the cement above the first step was angled to direct water away from the stairwall. And if it’s not, it definitely should be!

  • Maybe there is a sump pump and drain at the bottom of the entry way.

  • and how about furniture delivery? I imagine its a pain to get a couch through the front door. Hopefully they have a back entrance for that.

  • At some point in the 19th century (1870s I think) many DC streets were regraded when sewers were added and other improvements made to the city’s infrastructure. Some streets were raised and others lowered and these odd entrances are the result.

  • As someone who lives in a basement apartment, I have to say it’s not as bad as you guys are making it out to be. Furniture moving is not a problem, and flooding hasn’t been (if you have a decent plumbing solution you should be OK). Mt P, thanks for the cool bit of info!

  • Potential flooding would be a concern for me.

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