Interesting Scuttlebutt From A Commenter

This comes from commenter “Insider”:

“It’s true Carvel is selling Mayorga coffee. However a newsstand owner has already finalized moving into that space when Carvel closes its doors in December. Now for fact 2, the owners of Cafe Asia (downtown) and Asian Bistro (silver spring) have linked up to occupy the former Mayorga space. Cafe Asia will run the sushi bar downstairs and Asian Bistro will serve the oriental cuisine upstairs. I am friends with the owner of Cafe Asia and he has confirmed that there will be no more nightclub activity. Now here is some bonus info. A well established Miami entertainment promoter (owns 8 clubs and lounges) will be taking over the Rumberos restaurant and turning it into a swank lounge. You heard it hear first.”

Too interesting not to post. Has anyone else heard any of these rumors?

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  • Interesting rumors. As for Rumberos, I love the space, decor and the concept and only wish someone would improve the food and service quality — if they did, I’d be there all the time. I am not sure if a huge, swank lounge would really thrive in that location, that is an ENORMOUS space and CH just doesn’t have that kind of traffic at this point.

    Glad to hear professional restauranteurs are taking over the Mayorga space. Anyone been to either Cafe Asia or Asian Bistro? Hope they are high-quality and fairly priced.

    Happy about the newstand. We don’t have anything like that in the area …

  • Cafe Asia is awesome – reasonable sushi and other Asian in a fun modern atmosphere. I work near it and it is always packed.

  • i just hope they do a better job of finding furniture that doesn’t fall apart. the cafe asia downtown, last time i was there, was an ode to decaying minimalism with dirty upholstery and chipped up broke down white formica parsons tables with entire panels of formica ripped off. classy. 🙂 the food is ok most of the time. the arlington cafe asia is SUPER LOUD like a sports bar on weekends.

  • Hope the lounge is not all too swanky. Something along the lines of Tryst would be much better.

    Would be nice if the newstand would squeeze in a (inevitably small, I know) paperback book section.

    Yep, Cafe Asia is not too bad at all – I was happy to hear they are taking care of the sushi as I was afraid they would just ask Giant to drop off their yesterday’s left overs…

  • Cafe Asia does serviceable, lowest common denominator pan-Asian food and decent sushi. Nothing to go across town for, but if it was across the street from my house I’d definitely go every once in a while.

    I think their downtown location is popular for its good happy hour deals.

  • New Stand sounds somewhat exciting. Would it carry any books? I unfortunately don’t see the economics working on a book seller, but a hybrid option could be neat.

  • Bummer on Rumberos, I go there often and really like it. It will be missed. Can’t see myself going to a swanky nightclub very often. Chances are it will survive if it does based on the bridge and tunnel crowd. Cafe Asia is decent pan-Asian food. Nothing to die for, but it’s not bad. Wonder how it will impact the other sushi place going in nearby.

  • Carvel………ahhh…………ice-CREAM

  • Another thumbs up for cafe asia – nothing spectacular, sure, but it pulls off the wide selection at a reasonable average of quality (the thai – not bad! the chinese – not bad! the sushi – not bad!) The wide menu has the added benefit of enabling you to get your sushi on without excluding sushi-hating friends and relations.


    OH F!

    Do you know how many fudgie the whales I buy in a given year? 2 or 3! Cookie Puss! aww, who am I going to call now and ask, “Is Cookie Puss Dere?”

  • Neener, Carvel stopped selling cakes a while ago. I tried to get a Fudgie in June and had to go to Arlington.

    I hope all these rumors are true, they all sound more likely to succeed that the current ones.

  • Crap. I like Rumberos.

  • It all makes sense now! Thanks Neener I now understand the rhyme and reason to that Beasie Boys track.

  • Thanks for the insight on Cafe Asia. Sounds good. I don’t think it will compete all that closely with Saki Club, which is a higher-end lengthy sit down sort of place, I think given the popularity of sushi / asian food, and the lack of any area options for that food, both places can survive if they provide consistent quality and market themselves a little bit. But if the food is decent and fairly cheap, I would go often for a quick thai, chinese, or sushi fix.

    I really do hope that if Rumberos is under new ownership they do little to the decor, which is awesome already. With a few tweaks — better and more consistent food and service, better marketing, etc. that place could be awesome, because the vibe, decor, drinks, and concept are all solid.

  • “well established Miami entertainment promoter (owns 8 clubs and lounges) will be taking over the Rumberos restaurant and turning it into a swank lounge. You heard it hear first.”

    I can’t possibly see how they’re going to make that work. It’ll be sandwiched between a newsstand, a sporting goods store, a UPS, a Hispanic theater, and a supermarket. Not exactly a ‘hot’ area to be in at night. If it follows recent trends, it’ll try to make big money on bottle service and other B.S., and I really don’t know if there will be enough space to do that and accommodate a club.

    But good luck to them…..

  • “Swank lounge” sounds like a dreadful idea.

    Also, most of these businesses are locked into 15-year leases in the Tivoli block. What’s compelling such a high number of them to bail less than a fifth of the way through the lease term?

  • I’m thinking I no longer give a crap about what happens to Mayorga. I am just happy to hear that there will allegedly no longer be nightclub activity there. I’ll believe the news about Rumberos when I see it.

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