Good Deal or Not?


Here’s a sweet rowhouse in Mt. Pleasant. The flyer says:

“Welcome to this beautiful, spacious, updated, 3BR, 3BA, home in Mount Pleasant. Enjoy gleaming hardwood floors, granite counters, ceramic tile, fireplace, recreation room, front porch, patio, mature landscaping, parking, and location close to shopping, Rock Creek Park, METRO, and more.”

More details and photos found here.

The home is located at 3211 Walbridge Place, NW. The original price was $724,900 but it is now on the market for $689,999. So, good deal or not?

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  • Sorry. I can’t get past the pink front steps.

  • This is a real puzzler because I’ve seen MTP houses with the same stats sell in the $800k range this summer. That house should have either a front or rear view of rock creek park (at an angle) so I don’t get the price reduction given what I’ve seen elsewhere.

    I believe issue #1 is that the kitchen may not be fully redone.
    #2 they used a Bethesda listing agent and not Linda Low or Kelly Williams.

    If they had a MTP agent then they’d probably get something in the $700s based on sales I saw this summer. I suspect their agent has no idea how to market this.

  • And duh, the pink steps are a giveaway that the realtor is an idiot.

  • cant get past the pink front steps? I can for about 12 bucks worth of porch paint. buyers who can’t see past that are idiots but they do exist. And yes If I was the realtor I would paint them my damn self. But this is Mount Pleasant. Sought after beautiful established neighborhood. It has a back yard AND parking. This house with some very easy renovations to the bathrooms and some paint would go for much much more. nevermind putting a rental unit in the basement… GOOD DEAL

  • Looks like a better deal than the 2-BR rowhouse that was 1/2 the size and the same price off of U Street.

    I agree they might have been a little quick to lower the price. It’s only been on the market 60 days and there have been 2 price reductions. Maybe they couldn’t afford to be patient, or maybe there’s something wrong with it we can’t see.

  • Dude, you should totally flip it.

  • Totally worth it (great street) and since they lowered the price they might end up having multiple offers with escalation clauses bringing it up to near $729K in the end… just slap a coat of a neutral color on the steps.

  • Flip it? If i could afford it I’d live in it.

  • I wonder if the market for that house wouldn’t rather buy something that needs less work in a neighbrohood like Columbia Heights? I know that you can’t compare the neighborhoods and house prices directly, but still, they’re getting closer in terms of quality of life, and I wonder if buyers in that price range are starting to really consider the pros/cons of the neighborhoods/houses. Just a thought.

    It looks like any updates to that house have been kind of a la carte, so perhaps there are some “under the hood” type issues that folks have been putting off buyers?

  • No AC and not renovated, not worth it. Esp. in the current market. DC is behind the national curve on the way down so there is a ways to go, I think this is in the 600 to 700k range. maybe less.

  • less than 600? What have you been smoking mom? this house isnt in petworth. The owners clearly want to sell fast so I am sure we will know soon enough what it sold for. But I can gaurantee you it will be high 600s. Unless as someone mentioned there are some serious serious issues structural or otherwise that would cost $$$.

  • mtp and ch arent that comparable even though they are neighbors. mtp is currently safer and practically an urban culdesac. Because you cant drive through Mtp to get anywhere there is practically no traffic on the side streets. It is also more of a residential neighborhood where as ch is more mixed use. not saying one is better than the other but it depends what you are looking for. even when the demographics are the same between the two they will be different. also depends how close to the metro you are in either neighborhood.

  • A toilet so purple I have never seen.

  • a toilet so purple I have never peen

  • 1:02 Anon- I agree, but I’m wondering if MTP will continue to demand such a large price premium over CH. They’re apples to oranges on a lot of issues, but like you said- I feel like its getting closer to “not better or worse, just different”- so I wonder how that will affect home prices, and put them closer to “comparable”.

  • Okay really…exactly which Metro stop do they think this house is near? It’s about equidistant from Cleveland Park, Woodley Park and Columbia Heights…and all those distances are equally far….maybe they mean it’s near a MetroBUS stop.

  • its less than ten minutes walk to CH metro. I only know cause my friend lives on that street and I walk from the metro. I guess ten minutes is too long to some people though. old people and lazy people.

  • There are plenty of people who would not walk from that house to the CH metro. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to use that as a selling point…

  • Adams Morgan isnt any closer to a metro and that hasnt stopped home values there from skyrocketing. the selling points of this house for me are, safe quiet neighborhood, parking, elevated porch, backyard bbqqqqqsss. the rest I can fix on my own

  • It’s a great street but it gets some traffic when people cut over from Adams Mill to Park Road/Tilden. But it looks like a good deal to me–it’s just a few steps from Rock Creek Park, and that’s a huge selling point to a lot of people.

  • The big difference between Mt. P and CH that makes all the difference from where I stand is the relative paucity of big box housing in Mt. P. Except along Mt. Pleasant Street itself, almost all those streets are lined with single-family homes. It makes a huge difference in population density and livability, among other things (in CH, contrast the 1400-1500 block of Monroe with the same part of Newton … on the flip side, with lower population density, you don’t get all the commercial development that CH gets, if that’s your bag). Not only does this make Mt. P generally a more desirable neighborhood to live in, but it also makes housing there a scarcer commodity. Paint the steps, finish up the kitchen — it’s a pretty good deal.

  • Wasn’t commenting at all on the cost/value of the house, was just commenting that I found it a bit of a stretch to use proximity to Metro (inexplicably in all caps) as a selling point.

  • I agree Adams Morgan, but maybe if the realtor is in Bethesda to them anything under a mile is near the Metro.

  • I would consider mtp metro accessible if you arent anti walking but yeah this house is on the far end of mtp from the metro. Most of the people i know who live there live closer to mnt p street and if you can walk from there to CH metro you have issues. I always thought they should have an underground metro walkway that takes you under 16th street as its not very pedestrian friendly. then an escelator could take you to the top and come out in the park where mnt p street and columbia road meet. Would make mtp more metro accessible and cut down on the number of pedestrians who walk daily to and from mtp and ch metro.

  • CAN’T walk. I meant if you CAN”T walk from there to ch metro you have issues.

  • Walbridge is close to the Cleveland Park metro. I did that walk for months and months when I lived around there prior to CH opening.

  • To bolster my comment that this is criminal realty work, I found a house that I’d compare this with on Kilbourned in MTP:

    Listed at 789k, sold for $840k:

  • those houses are NOT comparable. That house you linked was impeccable. had a deeper yard and has an inlaw suite. But why anyone would not have linda low sell their house in mtp I dont know. she would def get more than 689 for the house in question and would def have painted the porch. there is a similar realtor in woodley park who sells all the townhomes that brings her own chairs to stage the front porches.

  • also bigger and has central AC

  • these homes are not for drinkers… the steps and all…

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