Coolest Roomate Contest Entry #4


“I’m adding my roommate mike. we’ve known each other since 5th grade in Ohio. We were “Floyders” together in high school (short for pink floyed) and we even dated before we both came out! he moved back to DC after living in NYC for 15 years. He’s awesome. He’s helped us in so many ways. He helped us renovate our kitchen and rip up the heinous green turf on our front porch (see photo). He was our caterer when my partner finished her doctorate (see photo of catering in our new kitchen!). Mike is an all around awesome roommate. My friends often ask me where they can get a “mike” or can he help them with some things…the answer is, he’s ours!”

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  • You mean Pink “Floyd”. So, in otherwords you were fellow stoners. Well, more power to ya then! Floyd rule!

  • Sorry to be a nitpicker, but this has been bugging me. Roommate has two M’s, not one. Split the properly spelled word up and you have “room mate.” If you split up the improperly spelled version of it, then you’d either have “room ate” or “roo mate.” Sorry, but that’s been bugging me for the longest.

    And that is one to grow on.

  • Came out of what?

  • out of the closet! Yay Mike! best roommate of all time. and best cook. Mike cooks dinner all the time and we talk about what meals we’d serve in our restaurant menu some day.

  • and yes, floyders still rule.

  • were you able to see mike’s dark side of the moon when you guys were still closeted?

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